Thursday, January 24, 2019

Damon Dash Sued Over Bad Movie Deal

Last year film director Lee Daniels agreed to give Damon Dash $2 million after Dame publicly confronted Lee at a Diana Ross concert over a hotly disputed unpaid debt [click here if you missed that].

Now Dame has beef with another director...

From TMZ
...Josh Webber and Muddy Waters Pictures claim Damon Dash was tied to their project back in 2016 and was supposed to direct. Unfortunately, they say Dame proved to not be up to the task ... as they allege he was often high on set while they shot at his Sherman Oaks property.
Josh and MWP say they officially dropped Dame in 2018, since no official contract was ever signed between the parties ... and they went on to make the film, which is due out in February and stars Claudia Jordan. But now, Josh and MWP say Dame has been trying to push himself as part of the project ... even though he isn't.
They're suing Dame for defamation and copyright infringement -- and are asking a judge to declare once and for all that they, in fact, own the rights to "Dear Frank." Josh and MWP also want damages.
As for Damon ... sources close to him tell TMZ that the only reason Josh and MWP are suing is because they knew he was coming with a lawsuit of his own. He alleges that they shot the movie at his house with his equipment, and that they then stole the footage to push it without him. We're told he's got evidence to back his claim, and will present all of it shortly.


Anonymous said...

Again, before you speak on others, make sure your shit is in order. Since the RKelly doc, Dame has been vomiting at the mouth. Good for him.

Anon said...

I find it funny that we still haven't heard from Jay z in all this R. Kellz bidness

Anonymous said...

9:50 Jay probably wasn't pissing on kids. However, he's had his share of inappropriate under age relationships. His current wife, how old was she when he pursued her? 16 or 17? He's atleast a decade or so or 12 years older than Bey. On top of that, he's also had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Especially, when he's done the same thing, why would he say anything. He's staying in his lane, minding his own business and keeping his mouth shut; as he should.

Anonymous said...

Dame should have put it in a contract, otherwise it was just a favor.

Anonymous said...

9:50 am. Jay Z ugly demonic illuminati shift changing on a airplane chewbaca looking ass ain't got shit to say and he through fucking with R Kelly. After the success of R Kelly " I believe I can fly" didn't R Kelly sing that song in the Olympics or some ice skating event and even Michael Jordon used his song as he flying in the air to make a basket. Jay Z wanted a piece of the action Jay Z and R Kelly teamed up for " The Best Of Both Worlds" album. Jay Z was in it for the money cause R Kelly was hot! R Kelly so on fire they had to water hose his ass down with the pissy sex tape. But that's what Zay Z get for tryibg to profit off another nigga. Disgusted. Jay Z dropped R Kelly like a bad habit. Didn't promote the album and left that shit alone and moved on with his career. End of story. Jay Z all about Jay Z and his image. Took the album as a loss and moved on. Satan want attention but not that kind of attention. R Kelly sang on his album "you use to call me stank, now you following me to the bank". I see why they called him stank pissy ass pedophile!

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