Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kanye West Accused of Stiffing Textile Firm

Kanye West sued after canceling huge special order for fabric...
From TMZ
According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Toki Sen-I Co. claims it struck a deal last June with Ye and Yeezy Apparel in which Toki would manufacture fleece fabric for Yeezys. The company claims it has done business with Kanye in the past and always got paid ... until now.
Toki says it was an unusually large order this time around -- $624,000 -- but got nothing. Toki says it manufactured the fleece but they received an email from Yeezy Apparel stating they didn't intend to go through with the deal.
Toki says it tried settling with Ye and Co., to no avail. Toki also says it tried to mitigate damages by selling the fabric to other buyers but it was so specific to the Yeezy brand no one wanted it.


Clearly said...

They probably don't have the money like everyone thinks he has.

Anonymous said...

RPP....Rich people problems, who gives a fuck

Anonymous said...

I guess its all downhill for mr. kardashian. How can a m'fker get more pathetic every year.

Anonymous said...

J cole is sexy.

Snitch im a need you to post the Aaliyah record from her posthumas album a while back. They were connecting the dots of the lyrics alluding to R kelly assaulting her to one of the girls that also mentioned also described how she was assaulted. It was called "never no more" and "don't know what to tell ya".

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

They should have got a percentage of the money up front.

Anonymous said...

^Most factories work on payment terms...due 30 days...60 days...90 days after shipment.

They most certainly are able to re-use/re-sell the fabric. Their New Year Holiday is approaching and Asian companies tie up all loose ends at this time. It's customary. That's what is going on here.

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