Monday, January 07, 2019

Omarion Promises to Retire R. Kelly Songs

Over the weekend the 6-part R. Kelly documentary 'Surviving R. Kelly' concluded on Lifetime inciting fresh outrage against the decades old allegations of Kellz penchant for underage girls and new allegations of physical and mental abuse.

In the wake of the backlash B2K lead singer Omarion announces they will be retiring songs written by R. Kelly following their upcoming Millennium Tour...

R. Kelly wrote Bump Bump Bump, Girlfriend and What a Girl Wants for B2K.


jeremiekirksey said...

Ok so is Chris Stokes next?? Bruh you damn near trolling with these tweets. R kelly hella guilty but you of all ppl cant say much until Chris is brought to

Anonymous said...

R. Kelly knew exactly how to write songs to entice teenage girls smdh. Sick, sad world.

Anonymous said...

*** WTF? Is Omarion suffering from amnesia? Chris Stokes & Marcus Houston Molested & RAPED your Whole Crew!!!... WHAT A HIPPOCRIT!

Waiting for the Chris "Strokes" Bio about his Pedophilia Molestation & RAPE to come out Next!


Anonymous said...

Dang! Girlfriend is my ish! :(

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