Friday, January 18, 2019

Omarion Not Involved with You Got Served Sequel

Last week B2K manager Chris Stokes announced he was filming a sequel to his 2004 hit dance movie 'You Got Served [click here if you missed that].

You got served star Omarion distances himself from the project...


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Uh....he looks very zesty in that there photo.
Like he's waiting for somebody to put that D on him.

Anonymous said...

These male THOT pictures are getting outta hand

Unknown said...

That is an old pictuređź‘»

Anonymous said...

Erbody going after R Kelly, everybody on this metoo shit but we all pointed and laughed when Raz B risked everything to call out Chris Stokes as a pedo. Dude actually had soul enough to turn away from money and do what's right, and we made his name a joke.

But that's who we are now as a people, niggas only got morals when it goes along with the rest of the crowd. Some of us got long memories though.

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