Saturday, January 19, 2019

Universal Publishing Dropped R. Kelly

This week Sony records announced they were parting ways with Grammy Award winning singer /songwriter R. Kelly in the wake of backlash from the 'Surviving R. Kelly' documentary on Lifetime [click here if you missed that].

Universal Publishing has also dropped Kellz...

From Billboard
Universal Music Publishing Group has quietly dropped R. Kelly from its songwriter roster, months before his label, Sony Music's RCA Records, ended its recording contract with him Jan. 18.
“UMPG no longer represents R. Kelly,” a company spokesperson confirmed to Billboard.
The move happened last spring, according to sources.


Anonymous said...

He will never go to jail.

But I know one thing. Karma may not come when you want it, but it's always on time. Don't ever get it twisted. And it comes back in all types of forms.

Anonymous said...

Next on Lifetime. I didn't survive Charlie Sheen. I'm HIV positive. When winning isn't winning. Now cut off Charlie's money train. Where is the outrage???

Just an observation said...

Charlie Sheen told his ponies he was infected. He just didn't tell his co-stars. Had he infected anyone with HIV and proven to be intentional, it would be an issue. Wrong white devil to compare pedophilia and a pill drugging rapist. This is why that argument always fall flat.
Harvey Weinstein is the one they will put all the attention on after enough women speak up. Not speak up to just say they were victims but actually put their careers on the line to speak up.
It's taken 20 years for R. Kelly and 30+ years for Bill Cosby to get taken down. It won't take that long for Weinstein. I swear, the 'what about so and so' without comprehending the situation makes people look stupid.

Anonymous said...

I see R Kelly in prison in the future. Whites don't care because no white woman was involved. I see a raid on R Kelly's home soon. Ain't no black man above the law.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation AKA Tippy toes
We all know that you are one of Fungus toes sock puppets. Now go take your meds and a nap bitch. Bitch
you should be last person on earth talking about pills. Your psychiatrist should have increased your dosage.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

12:25 PM
Exactly. I'm so tired of the what about the yt man idiots. STFU the same muthafukks who defend the worst predators in our race and communities and expect no only loyalty, but to be shielded from punishment. Fuck all you and the other one's with the I can separate the artist from their art. Fuck that we ain't supporting no deviant assholes. We are in a new day and none shall escape the law. As for Charlies Sheen raggedly ass, he was being shaken down and sued a number of times, his wife also left him because she found child porn, he's another deviant pos that should be set on fire or placed in front of firing squad. Death to all of them. Kelly need to put a gun to his temple and pull the trigger, the world be be a better place.

Unknown said...

Why write songs when you don't own your own publishing?

Anonymous said...

Charlie Sheen did not tell the people he was fucking with that he had aids. It was way after the fact when he did. Charlie Sheen had underage porn on his computer. Denise Richards had reported this and nothing was done. Why do you think then Governor Jerry Brown, of California, passed a bill that people can't go after someone if they gave them aids. I suspect many Hollywood celebrities are passing AIDS to unsuspecting partners and don't want to be sued. Thus allowing them to keep giving people AIDS.

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