Monday, February 18, 2019

Ciara Trolls Future with Lyric About Russell Wilson

Last week pop star Ciara released her new single 'Greatest Love' containing a dig at her ex rapper Future where she sings about her new husband Russell Wilson, "I should have known when you took my son as your own [click here if you missed that]."

Welp, Ciara just uploaded a video of herself and her son with Future singing THAT lyric from the song...

the lyrics...

Ain't an expert but I know I never, ever felt like this/Never, ever been held like this/Never met nobody real like this, oh/I should've known when you took my son as your own/I'm not sayin' I ain't like all the carats and the stone/It's just your love that I want/Now it's me and you against the entire world, the entire world...


Anonymous said...

Keep it classy CiCi. Dont need dumb karma biting you

Anonymous said...

This relationship is sooooooo fake. I can’t wait until these kids are old enough to write a book.

Anonymous said...

So are half the couples on fb with their bullshit fake happy happy lives and being really miserable or just stuck when they log off.

Anonymous said...

Ciara don't be "one of those". I know personally of at least two couples on FB. They stay posting, but really miserable. One is the wife constantly throwing slugs at the other woman. And the other couple, well one of them was busted for cheating. Its okay to post your other shouldn't be a secret. But the folks that do that shit constantly are really trying to convince "themselves." Don't believe everything you see on your timeline. Oftentimes, it's not what it appears to be. Trust and believe that shit.... in this case, Future is such a disrespectful Fuck boy that can't keep these folks name out his mouth and still talks publicly about them, so I feel no sympathy towards him.

Anonymous said...

We don't care that it's fake. It's black (fake) love. LOL. Russell was with a blonde hair blue eye chick in college and the beginning of his career. He left her, had her feeling bitter. Eventually got with Ciara. I'm ok with this fake ass (black) relationship.

LFrich said...

The half truths you tell 10:17. He left her because she cheated on him with a teammate. His dick game looks mad corny, which is why he probably waited until marriage to bag Ciara.

Anonymous said...

He is the cutest lil boy ever!

Anonymous said...

While Ciara is posting family pics; Future and the rest of his women are mad at each other and unfollowing him and trying to one up the next one. Fake marriage or nah, whether Russell or another man; glad Ciara moved on and left that trash nigga behind. Future is narcissistic and a detriment to his children. He may be taking care of them, but he's still leaving broken homes.
If Ciara never does another thing right, she made the right move and left that nigga..keep pushing Ci-Ci.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:46 No lies detected here!

Anonymous said...

can i get an AMEN... a "say that SHIT AGAIN"... and a hallelu-yerrrr for @ 12:46!


He's so adorable!

I don't care if She and Russell are fake. They are living black love, so future generations can get inspired by them.

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