Saturday, February 16, 2019

Dapper Dan Meets with Gucci

Iconic Harlem fashion designer and Gucci affiliate Dapper Dan meets with Gucci CEO in the wake of the balaclava blackface scandal...


kupkake said...

I don't see a problem with it these people wants to dress like sock Monkeys.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Hire more black designers and marketing execs.
The end.

Just an observation said...

90% of color all of a sudden in the meeting huh ?!?
What was it when they had the meeting and gave the okay to market that racist ass shirt 40%?
This is what we get happy about ? !?!

Anonymous said...

Crusty toes sock puppet^^^

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I don't understand why we can't make our own brands as famous as these racist ass white brands. Nubians are always being bamboozled over and over again. I could give 2 fucks about a racist ass brand and their meeting, their rags are overrated, overpriced and tired. Cancel them indefinitely. After 400 years and even before that I'm officially #whitefatigue

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