Thursday, February 21, 2019

Diddy Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Two years ago Sean Diddy Combs was sued by his personal chef Cindy Rueda after she claimed she was forced to serve Diddy and his friends while they were naked and work overtime without being paid [click here if you missed that].

The case has been settled...

From NBC Los Angeles
Diddy's former personal chef, who says she was subjected to sexual harassment and forced to work long hours without being fully compensated for overtime, settled the lawsuit she filed against the entertainer, the attorneys in the case told a judge Tuesday.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White had sent Rueda's case to arbitration in August 2017, finding that she signed an employment agreement that, among other things, called for her to arbitrate any work-related disputes.
Tuesday, however, the lawyers told the judge that the case was resolved.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the stories she could tell?? Too bad I know she had to sign an NDA.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

This dusty nigga!!! his shit has most certainly caught up with him, he's been looking sickly for quite sometime now, you can't mask all that filth with makeup, fancy clothes and expensive jewelry. Even when he took that picture in the all white bathroom with all white bathrobe, you still saw the stench of his wickedness. This muthafukka and many others like him are like that movie back in the day They Live, when you have to put on your sunglasses to see without the indoctrination. Reading these wicked ass devils and their energy is real trip. I feel like I need a spiritual bath with some rosemary, florida water, seasalt, lemon, lavender and dragon's blood essential oils with some herb, hell throw in a splash of turpentine viewing these hoes and their dusty ass aura and shit attached to them Yuck!!!

LFrich said...

Niya .... omg at spiritual bath!!!!!

Serving diddy and his friends while they were nude?

Anonymous said...

Sickening Is Diddy trying to cleanse his soul? Who were his friends - um-m-m-m.

Anonymous said...

Black Excellence, stop hating LOL. Seriously though, we only have so many wealthy black entertainers who have made it in the industry for this long. He's not the enemy. Let's focus on who IS. DAMN!

Anonymous said...

ok 138 black excellence and Jussie really did get pulled up on at 2 am and beaten in 2 degree weather. You cannot hide dark energy just because you deck it out in white. Who does not know all that glitters is not gold by now will never know sssshhhh let em sleep. Fuck it

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