Saturday, February 16, 2019

Gloria Allred Believes Her Client is in the New R. Kelly Tape

This week attorney Michael Avenatti turned over a video to Cook County prosecutors allegedly showing R&B singer / songwriter R. Kelly having sex with a 14 year-old girl [click here if you missed that].

Attorney Gloria Allred believes the girl in the smoking gun video is her client...

From Billboard
Attorney Gloria Allred tells The Associated Press she has contacted law enforcement about concerns one of her clients may be the person in a VHS tape recently given to Chicago prosecutors that purportedly shows R&B star R. Kelly having sex with an underage girl.
The Los Angeles-based lawyer said by phone Friday (Feb. 15) she has “made law enforcement in a different jurisdiction” than Chicago aware of her concerns. Allred represents multiple R. Kelly accusers, some of whom haven’t come forward publicly.
Allred says if her client is on the video, “we will do everything legally possible to protect her and her rights.”


Unknown said...

Wake me when this nigga is arrested....

iketernr said...

I’m waiting for the U.S. judicial system to go after these strange YTs the way they went after R and Cos.

Anonymous said...

Why is this bitch always involved in the black men takedown?
Her daughter represented Harvey Wienstien at one time.

Anonymous said...

Is this gonna stick????? I'll wait.

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