Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Jase Harley Calls Out Donald Glover

Last year Jase Harley fans noticed that Donald Glover's critically acclaimed hit single 'This Is America' sounded an awful lot like Jase's underground banger, 'American Pharaoh [click here if you missed that].'

Jase calls out Donald Glover and the Grammy Awards after 'This Is America' wins the Grammy for Best Song and Record of the Year...

Jase tells TMZ
"I feel like [This is America winning the Grammy] is a loss for the culture. What is it saying if the Academy is is recognizing something that is not original, it's not acknowledging where it came from..."
"My analogy is almost like the house slave heard the chants from the field and he took that song with him he and sung it back to the house and instead of trying to liberate the people in the field he got a bigger room in the house."


Anonymous said...

He sold his rights & Donald made a mega hit...why he mad

Anonymous said...

Im so sick of motherfuckers black and white, cosntantly wanting to use slave day analogies in their dialogue. Newsflash, it dont make you sound more profound or fake "woke" or enlightened. Just sound like you trying to be hip

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Is this the same guy that said he was deeply humbled and flattered that he was blatantly ripped of by Gambino!?!??? Now you mad nigga??? Should have sued his ass dummy!

Anonymous said...

Idk and Idc but whoever helped him with This is America did Donald Glover / Childish Gambino a huge favor because he sucks at making music.

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