Thursday, February 07, 2019

Kanye West Backs Out of Miami Real Estate Deal

Last year there were reports that Kanye West bought his wife Kim Kardashian a $14 million condo in Miami for Christmas [click here if you missed that].

Yeezy just backed out of the deal...

From Page Six
Page Six exclusively reported in December that West “saw the property during Art Basel . . . and bought it as a Christmas present for Kim. It was a complete surprise for her,” according to a source.
The luxe pad was in Miami’s gleaming so-called “billionaire beach bunker,” aka the 18-story Faena House, designed by Norman Foster.
But now it seems West’s flipping the script.
Sources told us that Kardashian wasn’t so happy about the expensive surprise and has told Kanye to pull out of the purchase, which means he’ll merely lose his deposit, apparently about $600,000.
But we hear that West has blamed reversing his decision on “leaks” surrounding the sale.
Insiders insisted to us that West can’t logically blame “leaks” — since he did, after all, turn up to buy the place with paparazzi following him and an entourage and film crew in tow, which even shot footage of the rapper on the property’s oceanfront balcony as he sealed the real-estate deal.


Anonymous said...

Kanye must've done this during his manic phase? Kris and Kim probably had this deal rescinded because he not mentally competent enough to complete any financial business deals.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Kanye is broke and living on Kim's money.

dreadee said...

R in NYC is correct. He bought it with HER money. That explains the lawsuits he created in order to scrounge up some money.

SMH....Thoughts and Prayers.

Sunno said...

There was no deal. This was a stunt

Anonymous said...

what really happened was....they (kim and kanye) tried to do an endorsement deal with the developer thats why they brought the camera crew with them to 'view' the condo and had it on the front page of the ny post on new years day. It was tons of free advertising for the developer but then he backed out of the deal and wouldnt give them a discount on the condo because of a loophole in the contract that kanye's lawyers missed....the story is wrong, the 600K isn't a deposit, its the money the develeoper was supposed to pay kanye. The condo cost 14 million, 600K isnt even putting 5% down, if this was a legit deal from the start they would have paid cash and deal would have closed in a week.

Anonymous said...

Dang @12:52 Break it on down then!!!

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

12:52 PM
Yes for that insider tip!!!

Anonymous said...

Kanye don't have that kind of money

Anonymous said...

Enty of CDAN called this when it first happened.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

@12:52!! whoaaa man!!! I knew it was fishy as fuck. THAT WOMAN CANT LEAVE CALABASAS! its where her reality show is and her sister live. Leaving that area for a short amount of time maybe, but fulltime or even halftime nope.

And if its true that this was done for publicity its really shitty. They keep fooling the public thinking they are so rich and faboulous when in reality they pulling stunts like this.

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