Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lil Wayne's Fiancée Puts Cartel Crew Member on Blast

Rapper Lil Wayne has been engaged to Dhea Sodano for about eight years [click here if you missed that] and Dhea is NOT here for Weezy's latest fling, Young Money artist and 'Cartel Crew' reality show cast mate Stephanie Acevedo...

This week the normally low key Dhea got totally out of character and snapped on Stephanie for flaunting their affair.

Stephanie had time though and fired back at Dhea claiming she was intimidated.

...but Dhea wasn't done.


Anonymous said...

And you've been engaged for how long?? Too long. Whether you believe marriage is sacred or not; if a man or woman is NOT "officially married" (doesn't stop cheating), they are fair game. How do you come at somebody and you've been engaged for nearly a decade??
Gurl, bye!!

Anonymous said...

These snow bunnies can have wayne... he aint been the same since he left

Anonymous said...

8 years???? Wth? Girl you used to this shit, sit down.

Anonymous said...

How many kids by how many women does Wayne have? What is she talking about? She mad cuz the girl looks like her and been around as long as her.

Indi_flo said...

Why be bold NOW tho?

Anonymous said...

How about address your fiance. That's the person who owes you something.

Unknown said...

Lmao this chick is the epitome of “lame” . Dhea is only talking big shit because she knows the the side chick has more to lose if she really claps back. Lil Wayne don’t respect her any more than he does the side chicks that spread eagle for him daily. At this point dhea just looks like a desperate thirsty trick. Oh, and I suspect that she knows that her time as the “fiancé” is almost up, cause Father Time is not kind... plus she’s got a lot of that non-black blood in her... her expiration date on her looks is almost up lol.

Just an observation said...

Now you know their men ain't shit when they are arguing over a roach that was fucked by his daddy/boss literally and financially!
This made my damn day!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh I can't with these Hispanic women.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Christina Milian was with him in 2015, Candace Cabrera in 2014. Not to mention hook ups with Trina & Kat Stacks, so don't try to be a bully now. Just wait your turn ole Tried & True Sure Thang!

Anonymous said...

Ok so I must've missed something going on with dirty boy.
He looks like he has AIDS wasting.
He's a known drug addict.
He spreads his legs and his ass.
He's had 4 kids by as many women and married none of them.

The only reason Dhea keeps up with Lil Putane is because he funds her parents businesses just like OJ did for Nicole Brown's family.
Wayne the Stain is no surprise.

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