Monday, February 18, 2019

Lindsay Lohan Claims She Was Hacked But Does Not Apologize to Tamar Braxton

Last week actress Lindsay Lohan threatened to expose Celebrity Big Brother after her mother Dina Lohan lost to Tamar Braxton, followed by a bizarre Tweet to Tamar calling her a deceitful and conniving person [click here and here if you missed that].

Lindsay claims the CBB comments came from a hack while staying mum about her attack on Tamar...

Meanwhile Lindsay's nasty Tamar Tweet is still on her Twitter timeline [go here to see it].


☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

Bullshit. She wasnt' hacked.

Just an observation said...

Hollywood is protecting Julie Chen but will blackball a black woman with the quickness!
Funny how they stay hush hush. Kandi and Tamar are spineless. Goes to show how money rules. Bitches ain't aware until rape and sexual harassment is done to them or someone they know personally.

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