Tuesday, February 26, 2019

R. Kelly Sued for Back Child Support

Back in January R. Kelly's ex wife Andrea Kelly admitted he stopped paying child support in retaliation for her participation in the 'Surviving R. Kelly' documentary [click here if you missed that].

Drea takes the matter to court...

From TMZ
A Cook County judge found R. Kelly in contempt earlier this month -- according to docs obtained by TMZ -- because he owes Drea Kelly $169,996 in support. The court says he was supposed to be paying her $20,833 per month as of January 2009 -- but he's obviously fallen off schedule in the last year.
The court order states R. Kelly needs to pay up by March 6, or he'll be locked up in County Jail.


Anonymous said...

Why was he allowed to post $100,000 bond/bail while owing $169,996 in back child support?

Legal experts where y'all at? I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand R. Kelly's nasty butt however I hope she don't get a dime.

Anonymous said...

2 different cases, 2 different judges. He'll be back in jail again.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he made wise business decisions with his money and he maybe cash strapped. What y'all think?����

Anonymous said...

Aaliyah's family owns his publishing so he's not where he should be financially. He also admits to making bad decisions with his money, and his actions since he's had to pay so many people off trying to maintain his freedom. He's an idiot. But child support is supposed to be based on your income, right? So if the court says he needs to pay $20K a month then he definitely has (or had) income coming from somewhere. I'm guessing it will be adjusted in the future though. When you get it Drea, save your coins because your cash cow is going down.

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