Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rich the Kid's Entourage Robbed and Beaten in Broad Daylight

Last year rapper Rich the Kid and his girlfriend Tori Brixx were beaten and robbed inside her apartment [click here if you missed that].

Rich has been targeted again, this time outside a studio in West Hollywood in broad daylight...

From TMZ
Rich the Kid and his entourage came under attack Tuesday afternoon at a famous West Hollywood studio, where Usher was also recording ... TMZ has learned.
Multiple shots were fired -- possibly as many as 10 -- during the incident at Westlake Recording Studio ... according to eyewitnesses. We're told the man who opened fire was running away from the studio when he started shooting behind him.
Law enforcement sources tell us Usher was in the studio, but not hurt.
We're told Rich was outside when it all went down, and it appears he was the target of the robbery. Multiple entourage members were also attacked, and at least one bodyguard was badly pistol whipped.


Anonymous said...

Dont let shit fool you. This economy is getting worse. These motherfuckers damn sure dont believe in a job or working for what they got and have no problem taking it from these 100 lb wanna be hard rappers that strike no fear in anybody's heart. So those idiots doing all that flossing on the gram aint doing shit but advertising to get robbed and/or killed. Simple as that

Anonymous said...


Don balee me juh watch said...

He gets robbed and/or beat at least twice a year. People are obviously tracking him because he’s advertising $100,000 + jewelry pieces constantly on Instagram. He just got chased down the street by Lil Uzi last year in Philly. He stay taking L’s. Bragging about money is played out anyway. Invest in a business or buy some property. Lame ass music industry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he needs to quit flexin so hard. Ninjas & flies.

30whatsnext said...

However, we have a sexual predator as our Mobster in Chief

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