Friday, February 22, 2019

Two More Women Accuse R. Kelly

Two new R. Kelly accusers come forward...

From USA Today
Latresa Scaff and Rochelle Washington told reporters that Kelly sexually assaulted one of them when they were too young and too drunk to consent.
"When I first met R. Kelly that night, I was very happy and excited because I was young and starstruck," Scaff said. "Now that I am an adult, I feel hurt by what he did to me when I was only 16 years old and under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.
"I am speaking out because I want to encourage other victims who I know must be out there to come forward as well. I want justice for anyone who is a victim of R. Kelly."
The women said they met Kelly at a party after one of his concerts in Baltimore in 1995 or 1996, when Scaff was 16 and Washington was 15. They were offered alcohol, cocaine and marijuana by a man in Kelly's entourage, they said, and were invited to Kelly's hotel room.
The women said were told to wait for him with their dresses pulled up. When he came in, they said, his penis was visible over the top of his jeans. While Washington fled to the bathroom, Kelly got on the bed with Scaff and asked her to perform oral sex.
"I was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol and did it," she said. "He then had sexual intercourse with me even though I did not have the capacity to consent."


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm not feeling this right here. It may be true but the possibility that these 2 are clout chasers is an even bigger possibility. Take your felt hurt ass and sit down somewhere. What does justice mean to you? Him getting what he deserves (locked up) or you getting some cash???

Anonymous said...

I'm over it... for real..

12:16 you said a mouth full!! agreed!

Anonymous said...

Nah he grooming teens. Getting them drunk. Sleeping w them when he knows he has herpes... sicko. These girls need to speak up and get paid. Clout chasing or not

Unknown said...

SMH this nigga should’ve been locked up over 20 years ago. See what happens when you don’t expose wickedness??? Somebody else gets hurt or caught up

Anonymous said...

@11:21, If this occurred in 1995/96 then it was well before the alleged herpes. Besides that, he did all that mess but it will be hard to prove the 25+ year cases.

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