Friday, March 15, 2019

Christchurch Killer Says He Was Influenced by Candace Owens

Last night a 28-year-old white nationalist from Australia went on a mass killing spree inside two New Zealand mosques killing 49 people.

In a manifesto the killer posted online just hours before the rampage he claims he had been influenced by alt-right political pundit Candace Owens...

Brenton Tarrant, who live streamed the mass shootings on Facebook Live, wrote

Candace found the whole thing hilarious and completely rejected the idea.


Anonymous said...

That's interesting. The Daily Mail is telling a entirely different story. He's a right wing nut who was inspired by another crazy!

Right-wing mosque shooter posted 73-page rant foreshadowing massacre just hours before the bloodbath and said he was 'inspired' by Norway mass murderer, Anders Breivik.

REALLY SNITCH! Stop gassing that girl's head up.

Anonymous said...

Candace needs to have several right wing seats. Bitch is way in over head.

Anonymous said...

Female version of a Uncle Tom. Aunt Tommie.

Sunno said...

I knew these people got this stupid hateful idea from Americans. This the only fool country that is fueled on hate.

Unknown said...

Welp little bitch, your days are numbered. Whites don't play that shit.

Anonymous said...

Imma need Niyabungeecord Warrior to come in here and give her input! Nobody drags to the bone like Niya! Lol!

LFrich said...

^^ Well I am going to drag her and these readers right now.

I hate to say I told you all so, but I did. I am forever bringing up white supremacy and how we need to be careful aligning ourselves with the dominant society. I wrote that we need to look at the R Kelly and Bill Cosby situation with a deeper perspective and look at the motives of WHY, when there are hollywood execs that rape children at the age of 7 and younger. We are always the Trojan horse for their deviancy. When we cheer and clap along with these white supremacists who are looking at tearing the fabric of our community up, we are nothing more than enablers of that. Now on to Candace. This Timon looking bedwench. Bedwenches, mammies, coons, Sambos are DANGEROUS for black society. The white supremacists will prop them up and use them as a human shield, like they did Cosby and R Kelly. They put out this white supremacist vitriol as to earn a view pennies while throwing the black race under the bus. Candace also put herself out there to be used as a human shield. The shooter can point back to HER and say, "well Candace inspired me" when it was actually the Jared Taylors, Richard Spencers, Steve O'Bannons who issued those talking points. Those men are protected and the black woman takes the blame and fall for it and HER career and safety will be in jeopardy white those men live their lives as usual.

Stop allowing yourselves to be shills for white supremacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

3:37 why not try having a thought of your fucking own?

Anonymous said...

3:59 You said it!
"Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to get used by you.
Some of them want to abuse you.
Some of them want to be abused."
Sweet dreams~
Fuck all the sellouts!

Anonymous said...

I'm not here for Niya the ignorant to speak on shit. Her views/opinions are odd at times and gives me Scooby Doo moments.
3:59 called that ish as clear as daylight!

LFrich said...

And by drag her ... I meant Candace. Not Niya ... I rocks with her.

Anonymous said...

3:59 sum it up
Also Candace Owens comes fro. An immigrant background that's why she has no problem throwing Black society under the bus

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