Monday, March 11, 2019

Meghan Markle Loses Another Staffer

The Duchess of Sussex runs through another personal assistant...

From The Daily Mail
I can disclose that the Duchess of Sussex’s right-hand woman is to become the latest member of her staff to quit.
Amy Pickerill, who was appointed as Meghan’s assistant private secretary just last year, is to leave her post after the couple move to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor this month.
‘Amy is leaving,’ a royal source confirms. ‘It’s very sad for her colleagues, as she is a really popular member of staff.’
The move is a shock as Amy was handpicked to work for Meghan and was tipped to succeed Samantha Cohen, who is due to step down as the Duchess’s private secretary after 17 years with the Royal Family.
It is understood that Amy will be leaving the Royal Household altogether and moving overseas.
Amy’s departure will mean that all three of the main women working for Meghan will have left in a matter of months.


Anonymous said...

I keep up with them. That's not entirely true. The Pickersin chick worked for the Queen for upteen years doing actual press work. Ir doesnt mean she's a babysitter too. The Cohen chick was only assigned to work until after the baby is born and she is situated. Meghan doesn't plan on sitting and raising her baby as her only focus. She will be doing more charity work like Diana did while being a mother.
I don't think white women would want to help raise a black royal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you PR shill. Welcome to RWS. Pfffffft.

Unknown said...

@ 8:09 What Black Royal ? Lmao SMH

Anonymous said...

8:09AM, Meghan is NOT black, she's biracial and the kid will be a quadroon. WAY more white than black.

I don't get how folks don't understand that shit.

LFrich said...

^^ I think they have a surrogate and that baby will be white. Meghan's bump changes shape and size everyday. And honestly, this woman has brought the dignity of the Royal Family down ... from having a 500k baby shower complete with private jet to showing up at an event with Morocco with her legs and hair uncovered showing while all other dignitaries were covered to writing messages of inspiration to sex workers on bananas of all places. Whisperers have also said she is very difficult to deal with and the British people have turned on them. That's the true tea why most of the royal family ain't f-ing with her like that. I've been knowing this girl ain't shit but a social climber and a fake. She better be careful before she ends up in a tunnel in Paris.

And don't step to me with no BS. These are all well-documented FACTS. Go to UK DailyMail if you don't believe me.

Anonymous said...

This trick isn't fitting in to the life very well. The Royal Family isn't going to tolerate this long term, that's for sure.

@11:16 is correct, she shows up to most events dressed like she did in her yachting days: too short skirts for a heavily pregnant woman, bare legs, hands stuffed in pockets etc. Hasn't learnt or won't learn the protocol.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Yeap@ LFrich

That baby bump be changing like this crazy weather.
She must be having the easiest "pregnancy" ever with all that jet setting. The average pregnant woman would be wore out.

Anonymous said...

She's black royalty because she is half black. You niggas need to quit. Quick to claim puerto rican's but Meghan's morher is black. The hate is real and for no reason.

Anonymous said...

She still has her husband though.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@ 2:08 She is not Black royalty. Her mammy black but she came from a white mans loins. Keep on putting these other nations above your stupid black ass if you want to. Ain’t no black royalty in there coon

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