Monday, March 04, 2019

Travis Scott Deletes His Instagram

Last week Travis Scott canceled his show in Buffalo, NY just hours before showtime amid rumors he was caught cheating on his baby mama Kylie Jenner [click here if you missed that].

Travis deletes his Instagram following the reports....

Over the weeeknd during his concert at Madison Square Garden Travis shouted out "I love you wifey!" at the end of the show.


Sunno said...

He found out he ain't the daddy!

Anonymous said...

Lol I said the samething.

There was no cheating he found out the baby is not his and deleted his instagram feeling like a fool. Kris spinning the story Kyle found out he was cheating. Kris cut that check again to make things right.

Travis feeling beet with several more millions added to his account for acting like the daddy . The truth will eventually come out that child looks nothing like him but a twin to the body guard.

Anonymous said...

this is a spin story to ver from Khloe. They are trying to make something stick to create interest in that failing show. I hope know one watches it when it comes out. I will also say, you can def tell that viewership is down bc they no longer have spin offs. The last one, dashdolls and revenge body aka "buy a body" is history.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

Ive been reading different gossip sites and people whispering that Jordyn Woods knows the truth, and that Kylie told him to get in front of it incase she blows up her spot.

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