Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Vincent Herbert Evicted and Sued for Writing Bad Checks

Tamar Braxton's estranged husband Vincent Herbert is being sued for non-payment of rent and bouncing checks...

From The Blast
...The suit claims Herbert entered into a one-year lease over a Los Angeles condo back in December 2018. Herbert was supposed to pay $37,000 a month but allegedly did not pay in February. He was served last month with a three-day notice to pay rent or quit.
The company sued Herbert for the unpaid rent of $38,850, plus other costs.
The unit is back on the market, so it would appear Herbert has vacated the home but the lawsuit is ongoing.
A second lawsuit was filed against Herbert by a woman named Dakota Sal accusing him of writing her two checks totaling $10,000 last month. She says both bounced and the account is now closed.


Anonymous said...

that is too bad.

Anonymous said...'s hard out here. Tamar said he was sick though, so maybe that's why he's behind his bills.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I guess living in something more affordable just won't do. $37,000 a month...yikes!!

whomp whomp said...

That's why niggas need to live within their means instead of check to check to appear to be ballin. 50-60k for an entire year can get you a modest Hollywood Hills place with a valley side (Hollywood sign) view. I did it for less with a roommate and my boyfriend (48k yr) and that place was incredible. That's less than 2 months of his rent. Why do people torch so much money?

Anonymous said...

Could be just some misunderstandings. Seems like he just wanted a place short term and the greedy landlords want payment for whole year.
If he was given notice to quit or pay rent, he quit so how they also want the rent as well now?
The two checks, maybe he accidentally gave her checks from the wrong account, or she didn't cash them fast enough.
Can't stand how some people are always out here trying to embarrass or demean someone.

whomp whomp said...

3:09 your logic baffles me. Help me me understand, because every time I've experienced funny money shit it was exactly that.

If he wanted short term, why'd he sign a year lease? Of course the landlord wants their money and that's in no way greedy, it's business. Rent was probably from the previous month which he probably begged for more time for and failed, the quit part was so he didnt owe another month. As for the checks, sloppy. If he cant maintain a 10k balance over 90 days (after which the check could be invalid) or until it clears (he coulda called her about that to hurry up the process), get cashiers checks from the bank. Problem solved. That's why hes getting sued. People want their money. damnit I'd sue him too.

Anonymous said...

^^^I assume you mean @3:19?

Simple: The suit CLAIMS he signed a year's lease. Clearly he paid January's rent. Feb's rent wasn't paid and immediately they said pay OR get out. He's out. And they are not suing for the whole year, just that one month.
As for the checks, many grown people do not know how to write checks or maintain accounts, hence the use and need of accountants. We don't even know what those two checks were for, could have very well been some sort of scam or convoluted business deal since the reason for the checks was not specified.
I just don't like believing every shim-sham rumour about people when we only have one side of the story.
It's always "problem solved" and easy peasy when you're judging someone else's life.
It's usually more complicated than that.

Anonymous said...

My goodness he's hard on the eyes

Anonymous said...

@ 5:25 Lol I know right?? That head :(

Anonymous said...

A man ain't sexy once his fortune is gone huh?

DaisyDooks said...

$37,000 a month for rent??? There are several mortgage payments in Vincent's monthly housing expense. For a property he has no deed to??? No deductions or write-offs for owned assets??? Where's Vincent's financial advisor?

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