Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wendy Williams Rehab Stay Prompted by Cheating Scandal?

This week talk show host Wendy Williams announced she living in a sober house and receiving treatment for her addiction issues for the first time in her life [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim Wendy relapsed after her husband's cheating scandal...

 From The Daily Mail
'Kevin and Wendy are still together but things have been extremely difficult between them,' a source told DailyMailTV.
'Wendy hired a private eye last year to watch her husband because she was suspicious Kevin was still seeing Sharina.
'Her suspicions were well founded and Wendy was furious.'
The source continued: 'She confronted Kevin and during the row she fell to the ground and broke her shoulder.
'Kevin called the show and said she walked into a wall and he had to take her to ER.
'But after the shoulder injury Wendy started drinking and popping pills again.'
'Kevin sent her to a high end rehab facility in Delray Beach, Florida, right on the beach,' the source said.
'But she was still drinking in the rehab. She was getting people to sneak her things in.
'She was photographed with a woman outside a CVS in Florida, it was the mother of another patient in rehab who she'd met.
'Wendy had her to take her to CVS drug store, where wine and beer are also sold.'
Shockingly, the source reveals that Williams' husband visited his wife at the rehab facility in Florida and took his mistress along for the trip.
'Kevin flew to Florida to visit his wife and took Sharina with him,' the source said. 'She stayed at the hotel while he went to see Wendy during the day.
'Around February 19, Wendy came back to New York. She went into a sober living facility in Long Island City and now she's sleeping at a recovery residence there and has a sober coach with her at all times, they even go to the bathroom with her.
'Kevin told the show the stress from work exacerbated her medical conditions.
'He fed them the same bulls**t she said on TV when she came back, that her Graves' disease was making her sick. Her Graves' disease has never been an issue at all.'

Hours after DailyMailTV contacted Williams seeking a comment for this story, she broke down in tears on her show on Tuesday morning, admitting she had been living at the sober home and was attending meetings around New York City.