Saturday, March 02, 2019

Young Dolph Robbery Raises Questions

Yesterday Memphis rapper Young Dolph claims to have had $500,000 worth of jewelry, sunglasses and computer equipment stolen from his G-Wagon while he ate lunch at an Atlanta area Cracker Barrel.

The police have some questions...

"...It was unusual in a number of ways," Assistant Police Chief Anthony Bazydlo told Channel 2's Berndt Petersen. "Number one, we see the suspects in the video. They come to this vehicle three separate times."
Bazydlo showed Petersen the surveillance video taken from the QuickTrip next door. Investigators said the first time the thieves approached the truck, they may have entered the SUV without breaking into it.
The video showed the suspects drive off and return two more times. It was the third time that they broke in through the window.
"The officer's report indicates it appeared the suspect made entry into the passenger side of the vehicle," Bazydlo said.
Bazydlo said investigators are puzzled by what happened after Young Dolph first got out of his truck. They say the taillights flashed off and on, and in the next couple of minutes, they flashed two more times.
"That's interesting to us in terms of what was happening with the vehicle," Bazydlo said. "Was it being locked? Unintentionally unlocked? We don't know."
The rapper said his driver’s side window was damaged and that the following items were stolen:
Diamond chain valued at approximately $27,000
Another chain valued at approximately $57,000
Richard Mille watch valued at approximately $230,000
Patek Philippe watch valued at approximately $85,000
Cartier sunglasses valued at $24,000
Cartier sunglasses valued at $700
Glock firearm
Pirelli backpack valued at approximately $300
Apple Macbook valued at $3,000
Apple Ipad valued at $500
Apple Airpods valued at $200
Thornton said it would cost about $700 to replace his window.


iketernr said...

And all the insurance will pay for us the window nothing else. If it’s not equipment on the car, it won’t be paid for.

Anonymous said...

I Have Never Heard Of This Person.

But I Wish That These Grown A** Rappers [Men] Would Stop Using "Young" & "Lil" As Their Stage Names + Monikers.

They A**es Be Smooth 20, 30 and 40 Years Old.

Anonymous said...

*Grown A** Men + Women Rappers.

Anonymous said...

How Old Are You That You Capitalize Every Word Of Every Sentence?

Anonymous said...

@10:31 AM

Old Enough To Know That You Need To Find You Some Business And Stop Trying To Mind My Business.

#Catch That!!

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Grown ass men with the names lil, baby and any other childish moniker will not be taken seriously. And oh yeah organized insurance scam, first of all who rides around with all this "stuff" don't you have a safe at home to store this mess? this sounds like people he's affiliated with, who knew exactly where he was and what he has in that car to take. This "robbery" get all types of *side eye*, if he was not set up by a rival who knew where he was going to be, then his ass is in on it.

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