Saturday, April 27, 2019

Brittney Taylor Preparing to Sue Remy Ma

Last week Love and Hip Hop's Brittney Taylor accused rapper Remy Ma of punching her in the face backstage at Irving Plaza in a dispute over Remy's stepdaughter [click here if you missed that].

Now Brittney is preparing to run Remy's pockets...

According to TMZ
'Love & Hip Hop' star Brittney Taylor filed legal docs this week asking the Irving Plaza and NYPD to hold on to video, photographs, investigative reports and all other evidence in connection to her alleged altercation with Remy during the Pretty Lou's Benefit Concert on April 16.


Anonymous said...

Lol! The humiliation is real! Something in me feels the next person that fucks Brittney up won't have a dime now that we know she can't fight worth shit.
I'm looking forward to the next season to see if she runs up on the next female.
I want to see the video now that it's obviously true! I don't believe in violence but I'm still #teamremy ....
She been trying to hold her cool when Brittney was talking smack but lost it when it came to her family. Brittney needs to shut her mouth because she can't back up shit.

(Not celebrating her black eyes but I'm trying to imagine how Remy punched her. Was it a quick bap bap. Lol! or was it bap, pause and then bap?).

She said in her song, Wake Me Up with Little Kim she got hands like Mayweather!

Anonymous said...

Brittany is a bully trying to play victim. She showed us who she was on LHHNY, and rem told her then that she was going to talk that shit to the wrong one and BOOM!!

Anonymous said...

Remy and Yandy both tried to help, or mentor Brittney but her mouth, attitude, and penchant for starting fights, ended the friendships. Somebody was bound to pop her. I hope Remy gets a good lawyer so she won't have to part with too much of her money, if any.

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