Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pras' Instagram Flossing Complicates Child Support Case

For years Pras from The Fugees has been battling his son's mother over paying more money in child support [click here if you missed that].

The battle is still raging...
From Page Six
Ex-Fugees rapper Prakazrel “Pras” Michel wants to lower his child support payments despite social media posts showing him wearing fancy watches and standing next to a new Lamborghini, the mother of his child’s lawyer said in court Friday.
Michel — who phoned into the hearing in Manhattan Family Court — is seeking to lower his child support payments from $4,800 to $500 a month according to his ex, Angela Severiano.
Severiano’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, said the “Ghetto Superstar” singer hasn’t made any payments since November, all while he appears to be living the high life in Instagram posts.
“He’s since bought a Lamborghini that costs approximately $250,000,” Wallack said, holding up a photo of a Dec. 14 Instagram post showing Pras standing next to a blue car that’s captioned “Stuntin’ on Rodeo in the new lambo…Italian everything my friends.”
Wallack then displayed another Instagram post from Feb. 25 of Michel holding up his watch-clad wrist with the caption “#Patekkphilippe,” a watch that Wallack says costs $300,000.
“That he doesn’t have enough to pay $4,800 a month is outrageous and offensive,” Wallack argued in court.
Support Magistrate Judge Amanda Norejko said, “He should be paying the support.” But she set a hearing date for July to determine if an adjustment to his child support payments would be warranted.
Michel’s lawyer, Judith White, claimed that because Michel’s accountant was convicted and recently sent to jail, her client didn’t even know he was delinquent on the payments that go toward costs for the pair’s son, Landon.


Anonymous said...

Damn..time surely brings about a change. Pras looking like a real grown ass man. Hmm....look kinda right.

Anonymous said...

Sick and sad! Karma is tearing his ass up why he ain’t even relevant anymore! He’s living off of Fugees royalties! No one looking for him but BM! Sad but Wyclef and him both let me down! How is The Rolling Stones and all these great white bands can stay together but great black artist can’t? The Jackson Five, Temptations, New Edition, Dru Hill! Hip-Hop: The Wu Tang (although they coming back for a movie next month they ain’t been consistent) and so many others! Black people MUST come together....PERIOD!

Sunno said...

^^^^ Fugee's royalties are not buying 300K watches, this man is into some other shit and he has some fed issue going on or his mixed up in.

Anonymous said...

How do they know he bought the watch? Just because he is wearing it on social media. How do they know the car is paid for?

anonymous said...

Dman! He too old to be frontin for the Gram

Anonymous said...

9:45 ikr it kinda looks like he was just trying it on (in that above pic anyway).

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

You niggas gon learn about flossing on the gram. I never understood that shit, I saw a post that perfectly sums up these tragic kneegrows. Rich is loud, wealth is quiet and poor is flashy. So true when you are truly wealthy you do not floss.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

If you don't want people in your business stop flossing online on social media!

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