Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wendy Williams' Husband Apologizes for Divorce Scandal

This week talk show host Wendy Williams confirmed rumors that she is divorcing her husband / manager Kevin Hunter after his mistress gave birth to their child [click here if you missed that].

Kevin apologizes for the scandal and vows to continue working with Wendy...

Kevin's statement reads,
28 years ago I met an amazing woman: Wendy Williams.
At the time, I didn't realize that she would not only become my wife, but would also change the face of entertainment and the world.
I have dedicated most of my life to the business empire that is Wendy Williams Hunter. But she's more than just a business to me. She's a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally.
I am not proud of my recent actions and take full accountability and apologize to my wife, my family and her amazing fans.
I am going through a time of self-reflection and am trying to right some wrongs.
No matter what the outcome is or what the future holds, we are still THE HUNTER FAMILY and I will continue to work with and fully support my wife in this business and through any and all obstacles she may face living her new life of sobriety, while I also work on mine.
I ask that you please give me and my family privacy as we heal. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully he is not welcomed and it is beyond Wendy's control - step up TPTB, unless they want her out too.

Anonymous said...

Did this delusional ni66a say "we built" & "we'll continue"....CTFU....ni66a she put you on the payroll and gave you a title. Prior to that, you was a weed peddler.

Anonymous said...

Is that right? For a very long time now, he's been out here flaunting his whore and doing "him." You want privacy, but out in the open and got pictures floating around with your homewrecker in crime. You can't have it both ways man. If he making statements, shit must be really getting real.

Malika said...

So he's just now taking the time to "reflect" after getting served divorce papers, after he got a whole baby with a woman he's been fucking for 10 years? This dude got some damned nerve!

Anonymous said...

10:32 Continued..and now you allegedly sleeping with men too?? Boy please. Wendy stick to your guns and stand your ground.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please so the Hunters are asking for privacy.. Wendell made her money by invading other folks privacy. Wendell is just learning the poison she puts out in the universe spilled on her and her family. Wendell bad mouthed folks like her own life was perfect.

Anonymous said...

Classic....Spin Control

Spin Control = The shrewd management of the way in which a piece of news or information is presented or interpreted so that it best serves one's own interests.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Wendy please hurry up and divorce this fool so he can take his raggedy mistress and get the hell on.
Too late to apologize.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have unconditional love or respect for Wendy. Shit, him and Puffy are getting on my nerves! Not neither one committed to the woman they claim to love so much. This is why black woman especially will never get ahead. Black men use us as doorsteps but soon as a Russell Wilson comes along motherfuckers act like they can't understand a man actually having love for one woman and want to crucify him.

This man needs to be fired. It's obvious he has been using Wendy for 11 of those last 28 years while being with the woman who doesn't have a pot to piss in. Nigga need a paycheck to take care of that baby. People change careers all the time. Go do security nigga!

DaisyDooks said...

Unfortunately, many Black Americans have become too white-identified in their assimilation and adoption of the Caucasian's culture of sexual deviancy and criminality. They are most unfit and undeserving of 1 melanin strand of African/Autochthon DNA.

The mindset of Blacks who have no cohesive ethnic culture, self-identity, self-authority, self-love, self-control, self-discipline and self-confidence is detestable and a threat to the welfare of autochthonous groups that comprise the Black/Negroid/African race.

The visual narratives propagated, globally, through reality TV and other mass media that construct an adverse perception about Black Americans shouldn't be tolerated.

There is going to be separation between Caucasian-centered Blacks and AfRAkan-centered Blacks...worldwide. These two opposing mindsets cannot unify and balance.

Black generations cannot flourish and maximize their genetic potential if their mental forces are aligned with Caucasian pathologies.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Nigga please!!!! this nigga out here spending her money on side chicks, side chicks babies, fucking trannies and spitting on gay menz, good goddess almighty that damn video with that Brian McKnight sound dude, had my jaded, left hand path luciferian, obeah bokor, black magic loving and living ass clutching my damn invisible pearls, like a little old rich ass jewish white lady in NY. I had to smoke myself out with palo santo and fling florida water all over me. Wendy yo ass better have armed security guards, niggas like this when they realize they no longer have the power over you, that they had, they lose their damn minds, the shit he been doing in that marriage negates anytime of convo with that llama spiting ass nigga Lawd!!!! you nigga out here spitting on each other need a damn come to Mother Mary moment.

Tippie Hippie said...

Who asked him?

Anonymous said...

"She's a person that I truly love and respect unconditionally."

How Sway????

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