Thursday, May 23, 2019

Brain Damaged Boxer Suing Jay Z and Roc Nation for Negligence

Two years ago former Roc Nation boxer Daniel 'Twitch' Franco accused Roc Nation of abandoning him after he suffered a brain injury during a fight [click here if you missed that].

Now he's suing for negligence...

From The Blast
In the lawsuit, Franco claims he had a fight scheduled for March 23, 2017, but says he got sick with the flu leading up to the fight. He claims he was out of the gym for three weeks and could not train properly for the fight.
Franco claims that he and his father both told Roc Nation he was sick and needed to cancel or postpone the fight. But he claims he was told he to go forward with the fight.
He would go on to lose that fight by TKO.
According to Franco, he had another fight scheduled for May 12, 2017 (he does not go into detail about that fight) and then again on June 10, 2017.
Franco claims Roc Nation should have known he was in no condition to fight yet again and claims he did not receive medical clearance before the fight. He says he was suffering from two skull fractures and a brain bleed going into the fight.
Franco was knocked out in the eighth round of that fight and claims he suffered “a devastating brain hemorrhage.” He says he went into a coma and had to undergo surgery.
He is suing Roc Nation Sports, Live Nation and Jay-Z personally for negligence. He is seeking unspecified damages.


Sunno said...

He could have said no! At what point does the "victim" take a role in what has happened. Not only that brain injury and even death come with boxing. And he chose to be a boxer.

Malika said...

Whew! Brain injuries are no joke! Not sure who to blame here, but I hope he's okay in the long run.

Mrs. MKS said...

Unless he was acting under some threat or duress, he was fully capable of taking his well-being into his OWN hands by refusing to fight. Sure, Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports probably cared about a dollar more than they cared about him, and that's precisely why he should've cared about HIMSELF. But, in the end, I hope he is somehow successful and able to get paid for his pain.

Anonymous said...

Which is why I would never be with a boxer. Choosing to get punched upside your head as a career lets me know that you aint wrapped too tight.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Muthafukka please with this frivalous ass lawsuit, always trying to come for the black man's coin. You know damn well yo weak ass was in no condition to fight, was a gun held to your head. If Timmy don't take his ass on somewhere.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Ok but why he smiling like that with that helmet on his head like he's elated he got hurt and can't wait to sue?

These damn post pictures...I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

12:29pm Niyabinghi shut up with that i wanna be pro black B.S. Looking like a fake ass Erykah Badu in your profile pic lol In boxing they are contracted to fight. If the boxer dont fight he want get paid and will get sued from their promoters and the promoters will get sued from the venue. It's obvious that Live Nation and Jay didnt care about him at all. They only wanted that money!! Jay and Bey is known for taking coins out their own people pocket just to impress the wealthy whites and buy from them. I hope dude get's paid for his pain and suffering

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