Tuesday, May 14, 2019

J Boog Tormenting Raz B?

This week Raz B from B2K lashed out after he was ordered to sit out a few dates on the Millennium Tour and accused inside forces of triggering his outbursts [click here if you missed that].

Was Raz B talking about fellow B2K bandmate J Boog...?

Sure sounds like it.

Insiders tell Bossip J Boog, who is still close friends and business partners with B2K's former manager Chris Stokes, has been trolling Raz behind the scenes.

Recently at a B2K meet and greet J Boog wore a shirt with the words, "I don't feel safe," written across the front, the exact same words Raz B used when he first threatened to leave the tour after finding out Chris Stokes would be joining them [click here if you missed that].

Raz has famously accused Chris Stokes of sexually abusing him and other members of B2k [click here if you missed that].


Shananigans said...

But look at this pick, he look like he pouting. Jboog wrong for that, if thats his truth then why throw it in his face? Thats wrong dont make fun of him if he was really molested. TRIGGERS that would set me off too

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

You can tell by Raz B's body language he doesn't feel a part of the group.
Jboog being extra messy.

Anonymous said...

As an adult you can't blame other people for your actions or reactions. If you lack self control you need to remove yourself from that situation. And if you feel the need to react anyway, do your thing but know that there are always consequences. J Boog just might need some consequences for his actions...I say fuck that tour and handle your business (if that's your choice).

ebonyhud said...

I saw a Buzzfeed interview with them and it seems like they were throwing shade at Raz. I didn't like it, however once an adult you got to be strong. He needs help.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I was sexually molested as a child, fortunately for me I was able to heal from it and also use black magic to kill my attackers, they are all dead now. I was also married to a man for 9 years, who I later found out was sexually molested by his uncle, my ex husband never healed from his trauma and continue to self medicate with drugs and alcohol, leading to my leaving him. His my ex mother in law who practices Santeria behind her catholic persona, when she found out make sure the uncle went to the bone yard. This is how we handle child molesters. J-Boog is dead ass wrong for making fun of that man's trauma that shit can ruin you for the rest of your life, if you do not heal. All child molesters should be killed, people who prey on children should not be allowed to exist.

Unknown said...

Poor Raz. Everybody called him gay, ugly, fag and he was violated in the most wicked way there is and all niggas do was laugh and joke. Dumb ass people on this Earth.

Anonymous said...

Raz wasn't raise properly to take anal.
Its like strong medicine thst has to be taken with juice.
There are a lotta orgasmic nerves in the prostate.

You gotta be ease into it.
Raz needed a better teacher than Chris.

Anonymous said...

They need not be making fun of what happened to him. And yes I believe him and always will. It ain't easy for anyone Male/Female to speak about being Molested. If J-Boog is making fun of him. He childish and better hope nothing ever happens to one of his kids.
@9:06am that ain't funny either.

Anonymous said...

J book is apart of the fraternity. I can tell by his hand sign.

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