Saturday, May 11, 2019

Lauren Lake Emmy Speech Snub Was Deliberate

This week Lauren Lake's Paternity Court fans were up in arms after she won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Legal Program but was not allowed to make an acceptance speech and was not thanked by the show's creator after he took center stage at the podium [click here if you missed that].

Insiders claim the act was very deliberate...

From Page Six
...a source told Page Six that there was nothing accidental about Lake’s exclusion.
“He did that on purpose. It wasn’t an accident,” the source said. “He knew ahead of time that only one person could speak. He was going to dust her anyway.”
A spokesman for the National Academy of Television confirmed to Page Six that nominees are told “long in advance” that there can only be one speaker no matter the size of the group.
Armour offered an apology on Facebook claiming he simply forgot to mention Judge Lake but has since made his page private.


Anonymous said...

How do you not thank the person responsible for the Emmy win? This dumb dumb thanked his wife and kids like they work on the set.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Lake ridicules poor low incomes folks on her show. So now she knows what it feels like to be marginalized for the world to see. This is what happens to you when you deal with white devils to make your coins. Those white devils will disrespect you five ways to Sunday. David Armour the creator of her garbage show treated her like the hired help.

Unknown said...

fuck that.

Picklehead said...

Please stfu with that shit.

Anonymous said...

DICKHead 5:17pm
I won't even say please to you bitch. Go eat shit and then choke on a rotten dick. A hit dog always hollers. Your stank ass acts like Lauren is paying you. Fuck you, your stinking mammy, and Lauren too.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Lake ridicules low income
So why you roaches keep having babies when you know you can't afford them? Getting all offended because someone is telling you to stfu. Please stop being a dumbass like your mother and grandmother. Keeping the idiocy going and you out with siblings that have different daddies from every block!

Anonymous said...

The same with Steve Harvey. What was done to Steve (show canceled publicly before telling Steve privately) is the same thing Steve did to his crew in Chicago. But the disrespect shown to Steve affects other Black people in Hollywood, too.

It will be interesting to see if and how Lake responds. Like Steve, I think she'll be quiet with a smile on her face because she's looking to keep her show.

There's a fool (and coon) born every minute, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Listen you stank BITCH I don't have any children, and come from a two parent home. I don't think ridiculing folks on TV is funny or enjoyable it's sick.
You need to see your mental health provider to find out why your nobody ass feel so superior to poor folks.
Your so called perfect life can turn from sugar to shit in a blink of an eye.
It wouldn't be so bad for someone like you to get a deadly disease and leave the earth. A bitch like you won't be miss by anybody.

Angie said...

These nasty loved out trolls are so obsessed with black people it's a sad ass jealousy thing

ebonyhud said...

My question is why? What happened between the 2???

Anonymous said...

As long as my check clears I wouldn't give a damn!! Screw em!

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