Thursday, May 02, 2019

Raz B Releases a Statement

Yesterday B2K's Raz B was arrested on domestic violence charges in Minneapolis [click here if you missed that]

Raz releases a statement...

Raz B was arrested in the early morning hours of May 1st in Minneapolis on allegations of domestic violence. He is currently being held without bond at the Hennepin County Jail. The incident comes after a long history of publicly documented trauma for the musician, and difficulties coping with its aftermath. Raz B will not perform with B2K at Wednesday night's Minneapolis show.
Raz B takes full responsibility for his actions. This incident represents a turning point after years of isolation, suppressed emotions, and unhealthy coping mechanisms in response to childhood trauma. He intends to seek treatment to become a better man, and grow beyond the pain of his worse mistakes.
At this time, Raz B needs support and privacy as he begins a journey towards greater healing. Raz B apologizes to his family, his fans, and most importantly his group mates of B2K – who he considers his brothers and never intended to disappoint in this way. Being on the tour has forced deep-seeded issues to resurface that must be addressed, and Raz B is committed to doing the work necessary to heal and grow.


Anonymous said...

Hey you were abused as a kid and it was wrong and never shoulda have to you. It was the faults of the parents and adults around you. That being said, its the same if you grew up watching your dad beat your mom. As an adult you know how your father treated your mother was wrong so blaming that childhood trauma for the reason you beat your wife is bullshit. Back to this, whatever happened to you as a child dont justify or negate the wrong you do as a fucking adult so stop using it as an excuse for fucked up behavior. Gotta get over and move past it. That's how life work. PERIOD

Anonymous said...

Apparently you've been behaving yourself for a minute now but you wait until you got shit to do and then you nut up. Now your regressed feelings done fucked your money off. Makes sense #kanyeshrugs

Anonymous said...

The time to heal was when he was on a social media campaign talking about the abuse he suffered. Did he seek counseling then? I understand how people, places and things bring back certain bad memories but this would have been discussed in therapy. He lost his shit and needs anger management, don't use past abuse as a crutch.

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