Friday, June 21, 2019

Djimon Hounsou Branded an Absentee Dad?

Last week actor Djimon Hounsou put his baby mama, Kimora Lee Simmons, on blast after implying she kept their son away from him on Father's Day [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

From TMZ
We're told Sunday's missed opportunity to get together with the kid is just the latest in what we're told has become common in their relationship ... that Djimon allegedly doesn't go out of his way to make plans.
Our sources -- who are directly knowledgeable about this -- tell us Kimora has an open door policy when it comes to visitation. We're told she encourages the whole fam coming together as often as possible -- holidays, birthdays, etc. -- but Djimon hardly ever takes her up on it.
Our sources says Djimon doesn't seem himself lately, and that it's starting to play out in public.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Just go see your kid. Damn.
Not seeming himself lately?...Is he depressed?

Anonymous said...

Whatever is going on he can get therapy and see his son.

FlowthePodcast said...

'Our sources says Djimon doesn't seem himself lately.' Elaborate please.

Unless you're a fugitive or clinically insane there's never a good reason not to see your kid.

Tippie Hippie said...

He look like he can be an Azz.

Anonymous said...

Choose wisely who you have children with. And that goes both ways. That hoe couldn't hold a King like him down! Probably hates how his son is being raised. Some men choose to be fathers to their children when they're grown. Not saying its right, just saying.

Anonymous said...

^ Precisely!

With all due respect African men should not be mating with non-African women. African men hold themselves to a high standard (Especially Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ivorian, South African and Kenyan men) and therefore should be dealing with women within the same capacity. Let this be a cautionary tale for all African men to stay away from non-African women this includes; white women, black women (black American women) asians, indians, arabs, etc. The only type of women that are designated "safe" for Africans are Caribbean women but even that should be kept at a minimum. African men stop trying to be like these wayward "Western" men and dating out, marrying out and pro-creating out. You will regret it.

Anonymous said...

3:39 That was not my point. Black is black in my book. Your attitude is why black people aren't navigating on this earth well.
My point was she is a money grabbing thot and too Hollywood for a man like him. He seems too grounded for her.

Anonymous said...

I would want time with 'my son' not the whole damn rainbow clan. GTFOHWTBS, Kimora!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a communication issue.
Looks like they've started working on a visitation agreement with their lawyers. Good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

When a black man is not being himself... oh he's depressed, let's give him sympathy

When a black woman is not being herself... she's on drugs, let's crucify her

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