Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Carmelo Sent LaLa Nice Birthday Gifts

Last week Carmelo Anthony was caught sunbathing on a yacht off the coast of France with 28-year-old Swedish model Sara Smiri one day after his wife La La Anthony's 36th birthday [click here if you missed that].

Did Melo make-up for his bad behavior with a few pricey baubles...?

Sure sounds like it.

In an interview about her birthday celebration LaLa tells People Magazine,
“[Carmelo is] overseas at Fashion Week. He sent me some nice gifts and posted something really nice, so I was appreciative.”


What Fashion said...

Why is he at fashion week? He got a clothing line?

Anonymous said...

Just had a look at her account on IG. The girl is definitely a prostitute to hire for good times, lol!!! Hope he had one. If Lala stays with him she's either here infected and knows she can't get anyone better or this is staged. Either way pretty sad all around.

Anonymous said...

Fashion week? Does she hear herself?

Anonymous said...

How shallow can these people get?


First of all LaLa isn't 36. She's 40. But why do must we talk about HER age? Research is a lost art. Second, he's a cheater. That's what he's going to do, regardless. That ego can't take the fact that he's not in the spotlight and her light continues to shine.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

If he is at Fashion Week than he needs to be at Fashion Week sitting front center with his wife, not yachting with those European escorts. If he was trying to get back with her that was disrespectful as fuck.

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