Monday, July 22, 2019

Kenyon Martin Asks to Lower Child Support

For all those girls who think getting knocked up by an NBA player means you're set for life.

Former NBA player Kenyon Martin has filed to have his child support slashed to reflect his current income, four years after the end of his professional career....

Back in 2007 Kenyon Martin agreed to pay his ex wife, Heather Martin, $3000 a month in child support plus other expenses including $7000 a month on Heather's credit card, private school tuition, medical insurance, a nanny and a new car for Heather every three years.

Now according to reports Kenyon is claiming he can no longer afford the payments and wants them to end. Two of the couples three children are still minors ages 14 and 16.

Kenyon is expected to make $209,000 this year plus another $100,000 from coaching Ice Cube's Big 3 league.

Fun Fact: Back in 2008 still married Kenyon was busted with his side chick, rapper Trina, after they crashed their car during a secret trip to Belize [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

R in NYC:

Watch that ESPN documentary called "BROKE".
A lot of theses professional ball players go broke or living way less lavish after their careers ends.

Anonymous said...

Negros with poor money management skills, and the dumb-broads who encourage that shit. They never properly invest. When they are on top, they don't plan for the day that they will no longer be a top money maker.

Sorry sacks of shit these fools are. Purchase investment property. Invest in franchising. Simple money moves like that are easy income producers.

Instead of the cars, tacky jewelry and over sized home that they can't afford to maintain, invest in your future. Oh, and blowing all of your cash gambling, doing drugs or on strippers, those are dumb nigga moves.

Anonymous said...

She gets a new car every 3 years??? lol What a scam. That's what these men get hooking up with straight gold diggers. Hope they enjoy. Too funny!

Shananigans said...

@ R in NYC
It wasnt just the Kneegrows that went broke

Anonymous said...

Oh Well,

All That Glitters Isn't Gold!!!


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

@ 11:08

That was 10:05 who said negroes. I said professional ball players.

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