Saturday, July 20, 2019

Lamar Odom Reflects on End of Basketball Career and Reconnects with His Family

Last week Lamar Odom was blindsided by Ice Cube's Big 3 basketball league after he was deactivated without being told before the news was released to the media [click here if you missed that].

Lamar reflects on the end of his career and reconnecting with his family...

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As human beings, we often don’t realize that we are unconsciously following in the footsteps of our parents. They have been our school of life until adulthood, and beyond. I feel that we are living in a world that for many of us is an emotionally unhealthy world filled with baggage from our past that we often never think about. A world of unconsciousness. We think we live, but many of us we really don’t; we are on auto pilot. We are not even aware of this until conflict knocks down our doors. These moments or periods make us reflect back on ourselves. Who is really in control of my life? Me or my past? Have I become everything I hated? My beautiful escape from the pain of life has always been basketball. The first thing I did when I heard that my Mom passed away, was run to my childhood court in Lincoln park and escape there. Being deactivated from the Big 3 has made me realize that I can no longer depend on basketball to find emotional relief from the inevitable hurdles of life. I've made a decision to stop this time, reflect for real and not run away or escape - not into basketball or anything else. A door has closed and I am going to stay conscious enough while I build my next door. Together with my daughter Destiny and the mother of my children, Liza Morales, I am going to use this opportunity to connect to my children and break the cycle of my past. All three of us have been through extreme difficulties, individually and as a family, that we have not spoken about. I decided to have my team reach out to MicDrop, founded by Rosh Lowe, to help the 3 of us reconnect and heal. My story is far from uncommon but I have been blessed with a platform and a 2nd chance at life. The environment that I grew up in, did little to foster authentic communication. I know that I can do better; for myself, for my children and for the world. We all owe it to ourselves, to our children and to our families to do the same. #breakthecycle #bereal #whyishare #letsrisetogether #storiesmatter #micdrop @micdrop_us @roshlowee @eliyahu_nash @iamdestinyodom @truliza4u @iamzoul @carterlikejimmy
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☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

He is going back to his family because the sports and the fame will be over. Family is supposed to take you in when there is no one and nothing else.

ms mac said...

So NOW you care about family after them witches banished you from their cave and the world gave you your nigga wake up call? Ok, got it!

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Now you care about your family? lol these tragic ass negro's probably now going to try and get a reality show with the family. The reality is there is nothing absolutely interesting about black lurch, now that his 15 minutes is finished he's now having his come to jesus moment lol. Stay tuned for the scripted reality show smh.

Anonymous said...

Go get some real help Lamar before it's too late or you'll regret it.

Dj's Wifeđź’‹ said...

What's up with DA deactivated crap they meant Fired? And what did he expect after writing dat crack-tales book? TMI is what dat book was.Oh well da kartrashian curse cont.

Anonymous said...

Stereotype of A Crackhead

Crackhead Chronicles

He needs to be quiet as he is so predictable in his drug addict journey.

Anonymous said...

This fucking tragic negro!

Now that Hollywood chewed him up and spat him out. Now, that the K-trash clan has taken him for what money they could (remember he was expected to die in that whore house, and Khloe was to inherit all his $$)... he wants to return to the family that he abandoned, because he wasn't man enough to stay with his wife after their baby died.

If that "family" takes him back, they are just as fucking stupid. Boy bye!

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