Friday, July 26, 2019

Lorenzen Wright's Ex Wife Pleads Guilty

Two years ago retired NBA player Lorenzen Wright's ex wife Sherra Wright was arrested for his murder seven years prior [click here if you missed that].

Sherra accepts a plea deal...
This week Sherra Wright pleaded guilty to facilitation of murder and facilitation to commit attempted 1st-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Sherra and Billy Turner, a man from her church, conspired to kill Lorezen to collect on a life insurance policy.

Sherra Wright is eligble for parole after 9 years.

The former couple shared 7 children together.


Anonymous said...

A mess.

Anonymous said...

Say ain't so! Is this how church folks behave. I shall not kill, my husband for the insurance money.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Scandalous bish should have got life with no parole or the death penalty.

Officer said...

@10:09 AM

I am glad you mentioned about "sunday church folks behaviour"...

sunday church doctrine is the white's man doctrine, this is why that scenery isnt working for our race AS A WHOLE. They are against God and the Bible!!!
They buck against any Commandment written aforetime
The moment you open the Bible to show a sunday zombie what the Word says concerning black people's state of affairs, they get VERY OFFENDED!...even though the same Jesus that they claim to worship said "are you offended because I tell you the TRUTH?"

Our heritage is The one and only True black
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

sunday church
entertainment are the 3 main entities that keep our people DESTROYED MENTALLY

ms mac said...

This is beyond sad. So now 7 kids don't have their father or their their piece of shit mother.
The love of money ...

LVBoogie73 said...

Never heard of these folks, but rest in eternal peace Mr. Wright. Money is awesome to have and it's comforting knowing you have funds. However, on the flip money truly is the root of all evil.

Anonymous said...

Such A Heartbreaking Situation.....Especially For Lorenzen Wright's Parents & Children.

The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Kinds Of Evil.

Things $$$$ Can't Buy:

1) Moral Sense
2) Integrity
2) Common Sense
4) Respect
5) Character
6) Class
7) Love
8) Manners
9) Conscience
10) Values
11) Principles
12) Self-Esteem
13) Dignity

I Hope That The Wright Family Feels Some Kind Of Closure Now That This Malevolent & Covetous Woman Has FINALLY Admitted To Having Their Loved One Murdered.

Anonymous said...

He could have been a sambo but because you all don’t know about this story which has been everywhere else, you’re giving condolences. Lol!
May he Rest In Peace. Black women just as trifling. She shouldn’t be eligible for parole after only 9 years tho. This was premeditated and parole should be off the deal.

NotTheOne said...

She must have been a bad bish back in the day for him to have had 7 kids with her, now she looks a disgrace. She should have got life without parole, olé dirty bish

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

Just tragic, and the fact church folks were involved does not surprise me one bit. Those vile hypocritical creatures stay trying to tell others about their lifestyle, and commit every transgressions known to man while hiding behind their holy book. This is why I laugh at them when they attempt to come for me or my kind.

Anonymous said...

She probably busted him cheating and said fuck him. She could have just divorced him and got her child support and alimony. Greed, bitterness and desperation is a mothereffer!

Anonymous said...

She was at his funeral playing the role of a grieving wife. I’m sure family members on both sides were shocked to find out she did the murder for hire.

Anonymous said...

@1:38 His mama said that when her son was in high school playing ball, the coach put his daughter on to him, because he knew he would go to the NBA. She was 23, and going to his games and courting him, and had his nose all open. Mom tried to stop it, but she had him sprung, and he wasn't listening to her. Mom said she wasn't all that, as far as looks. Just a light bright, older woman, and he thought he had something! Got pregnant as soon as he turned 18, and basically forced to marry her,shortly after. Mom said her and the father were waiting to snag an NBA potential.

ms mac said...

Dizzam @ 6:41p!! If all of that is true that is really some sick Wypippo type shit. It's pretty uncommon for Black women to be that conniving, unless they're scorned. Jealous, angry and vindictive. Yes. Greedy, murderous masterminds. No.

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