Friday, July 12, 2019

Nicki Minaj Dissed by Her Boyfriend in Front of Her Fans

Nicki Minaj's fans upset after her boyfriend Kenneth 'Zoo' Petty disrespects her on Instagram Live...

It all happened after Nicki asked Kenneth to say hello to her fans because they think he hates them. Instead of a greeting Ken tells Barbie, "It's time to get off that s**t," while she tries to brush past the diss and continues speaking to her fans.


ms mac said...

That wasn't a diss. It was good advice. She should listen to her man.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to end well. Two Alphas in a relationship never work. She need to stick to Simps.

Siberian Prince said...

@ 10:08 delusional

YungBalla2008 said...

It’s not a fuckin diss she does need to get off live. What ever happened to celebrities being secretive and shit social media has ruined everything..

Anonymous said...

I thought they were married

Divested Diva said...

This wouldn't have been an issue with her fans had she picked a decent man to parade around instead of some weak conquered broke ass Tyrone with a criminal record who is going to resent her because she has more power and wealth than him, Nicki should be marrying up like Eve did, But black women are so desperate to keep a man around they will marry a felon and a bum just so they can feel like they're worth something to the black community.

Anonymous said...

He realizes that this is her JOB, right? That interacting with her fans is part of her JOB. That maintaining her fan base is part of her JOB. This is how she maintains her lifestyle and pays to keep him on payroll.. idiot.

Nicki, Find a man that is worthy of you. He ain't it.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

@Divested Diva, sweetie you don't know what the hell Eve married into, you are just believing the manufactured image that is presented, it would blow your lacefront off if I read those energies for you, on what really is that "marriage" about. But it's my month solar and lunar eclipse and I'm relishing in my element. As for this fool and her felon, she already know what she signed up for.

Anonymous said...

12:58 Thank you for your comment. People like to admire the surface.. if you dug that up? You'll get answers that i wouldn't be surprised about

Anonymous said...

He wasn't being disrespectful or dismissive, he just really doesn't like the the ass "Barbz". Just as MANY grown ass people don't.

☛☢Twitter☺Fingers☢☚ said...

This is the man she wants to be with. He has no problem posing with her on the red carpet but to say a "hi" for her on social media its too much? Then why the fuck is he with her?

Anonymous said...

12:58 Shut the Fuck up, bitch!!!!! You do t know Jack shit about Eve's marriage. She keeps her shit private. Doing your so called demonic voodoo to read their energies is a JOKE just like you!!! I'm sick of your thinking you know everything and coming on this site like you own it. Get a goddamn life hoe!!!! You jealous Eve pulled a good man. So what he's white!!! Sometimes it be like that. Her choice

Anonymous said...

Some hit dawg is yelping, hollarin, and screechin. Calm yo looney ass down. You don't wanna phuck with Goddess

Fancipantz said...

He has killer eyes

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