Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Russell Simmons Shutting Down All Def Digital?

Rumors are swirling that Russell Simmons digital comedy platform, "All Def Digital" is about to be shut down...

From Tubefilter
All Def Digital (ADD) — the digital entertainment brand founded in 2013 by hip hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons, which produces urban music, comedy, spoken-word content, and more — is shuttering, multiple sources have confirmed to Tubefilter.
Sources say that layoffs have been widely administered, and that executives from a business advisory firm arrived at ADD’s Los Angeles offices this week to divvy up assets, including its digital properties.
Fun Fact: Russell Simmons and All Def Digital got off to a rocky start after filming a skit about Harriett Tubman making sex tapes with her slave master [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

It has had it's run. It was overflooded with very corny comedians with subpar ideas. The core squad could pull something like this off by themselves.

Anonymous said...

"The core squad could pull something like this off by themselves."


I was only here for Patrick Cloud. Even then, I was here for his music....which had nothing to do with ADD.

Anonymous said...

Who ever watched this shit? I didn't.

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