Monday, July 22, 2019

Skai Jackson Roasts Unruly Fans

Former Disney kid Skai Jackson drags unruly trolls in her Instagram comment section...

After teasing that she might be working with on a new project with rapper Lil Nas X, self-proclaimed clap back Queen Skai Jackson went in and let have on rude followers who were not impressed with her announcement.

Fun Fact: Skai earned her reputation for clapping back after dragging Harlem rapper Azealia Banks on Twitter three years ago [click here if you missed that].

As for what Skai is doing lately, she recently wrote a book about the art of the clap back.


Anonymous said...

Isn't she young? She's replying like grown folk!

Anonymous said...

She's 17, and clearly being raised not to take anyone's ish.

Picklehead said...

Yall must not remember the read she gave Azalia Banks when she was JUST 14. AB didnt say shit to anybody else for MONTHS!

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