Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A$AP Rocky Returns to the Stage

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky returns to the stage for the first time since being held for two months in a Swiss jail on assault charges...

A$AP Rocky appeared at the Real Street Festival in Anaheim on Sunday telling the crowd,
“I’m so happy to be here right now. That was a scary humbling experience but I’m here right now. God is good.”
“People who didn’t even f— with me felt sympathetic for my situation, people was praying for me. That uplifted me when my spirits were low. Can’t thank y’all enough, that was crazy, thank you so much. Hip-hop never looked so strong together, we a big strong community together.”

A$AP Rocky is currently awaiting the verdict of his assault trial [click here if you missed that].


ms mac said...


Don balee me juh watch said...

The “woke” people know this was all a setup from the jump to make a certain “person” look good to Black folks just in time for the election and he comes out as a hero.

“Wow, I guess I’ll give him my vote now because he helps Black people like me and he really cares about us. “

-No one

ms mac said...

So now that he got his overseas nigga wake-up call he's interested in community? Bitch please. Again, I say: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Rocky we still ain't fucking with your, coon sell-out ass.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

May he continue to eat that humble pie.

Ramon said...

Don balee. A set up getting a nigga rapper that no one cares about is supposed to get votes 13 months from now?!?

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