Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ceaser From Black Ink Arrested for Using Fake Drivers License

Ceaser from the reality show Black Ink arrested for driving with a fake license in New York...

David 'Ceaser' Emanuel was pulled over in Brooklyn on Friday after driving through a red light and failing to yield for pedestrians.

According to reports when Ceaser handed over his license the name listed was "Emanuel Thomas" and the birthdate shaved 8 years off his age. Ceaser also presented a fake insurance card.

Cease was arrested on the spot and booked on misdemeanor false impersonation charges in addition to the traffic violations.


NotTheOne said...

Get your priorities in order son

Unknown said...

His dumbass smh. He might be a illegal immigrant

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of targeting of black males or an example of a black male who makes poor life choices? I think its the latter. Stupid people have a nasty habit of doing dumbshit.

Or, even better, this is his story line for this season of that shitty "reality" show.

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