Thursday, August 22, 2019

Jermaine Dupri Denies Jay Z NFL Claims

Last week singer / songwriter Brian Michael Cox set off a firestorm after he said on a podcast that Jay Z advised Jermaine Dupri against working with the NFL in a deal similar to the one Jay and Roc Nation just signed [click here if you missed that].

Jermaine sets the record straight...

In a sit down with Big Tigger on V103 Jermaine explains,
"[Jay Z] never told me don't do what I was doing...It was never nothing like that."


Anonymous said...

He must have promised him the first half time negro show, FOH! They all some sell outs.

ms mac said...

Put another way, Jay Z got to JD.

Anonymous said...

We the people wanna know who threatened you JD? Was it Jay? Cause now yo ass is lying. You know Jay told you to back off of that NFL deal.

Anonymous said...

Just answer the question dude! But we know the deal, if you said anything different your career would be ended. Your arms are too short to box with JiggaBu.

Anonymous said...

Brian Cox, FunkFlex, Bobby Lytes, Trina A&R.

These people are not lying and need to stop dealing with these clowns ass niggas. Stop with loyalty to people who show time and time again they don't deserve it.

JD and Trina are LAMES!

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