Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Lamar Odom Denies Fake Romance Reports

This week there were rumors that Lamar Odom was faking his new romance with life coach Sabrina Parr for media attention [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

A rep for Lamar Odom tells The Jasmine Brand
Let me first start of saying this: the only reason for that story being out there is because a former ex management person decided to put some bad press on Sabrina & Lamar. Lamar has tremendous love for the Kardashians. They have been his family since they got married and even after. Lamar had a hard life and never really felt the love of a family and home since his mother and grandmother passed away. The Kardashians gave that to him and it was real. The love between Khloe and Lamar was real. This whole conspiracy about the Kardashians putting curses on men is a made up fairytale of people that maybe couldn’t accept Lamar’s love was for Khloe. Lamar is trying to build something that is close to what he shared with Khloe. He is just trying to move on. Sabrina has had an amazing influence on him and I really welcomed her into his life. He started to fall in love with life. We need to support and respect that.
Is it just me or did Lamar's publicist just lowkey blame the Kardashians for putting the story out?


Anonymous said...

Not just you. But not only that, was the publicist scared into this response or something? It's like despite the shade, it's Kardashian puff piece, like their straddling the fence. I only say that because of the many "compliments" the Kardashians received in this statement, but also, why does he need to build something "that is close to what he shared with Khloe"? Why does his new love(s) have to be compared with Khloe? Shouldn't it be something unique to that situation, seeing as it didn't work out??

Anonymous said...

Not only that. "Former ex management person"? lmaoo
Sounds like Mama Kris.

Anonymous said...

@1:48 All daaaayyy!! lol

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