Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mary Wilson Calls Princess Margaret Ghetto

Mary Wilson from the Supremes recalls the time she met Princess Margret and was surprised to learn she was just like the people she knew from the projects back home in Detroit ...

Mary Wilson tells The Sun
“Princess Margaret came, she stopped in front of me and said, 'Woo, Mary is that a wig you're wearing?' The hairpiece is big, the eyelashes. We went over the top, kind of like gay folks – more is better right?"
“So I felt so embarrassed because I didn't think royal people acted the same way my neighbours did. I mean, she reminded me of somebody who lived in the Projects, right. You probably will hate me – all the English people – for saying that but it was a little embarrassing.”
“We became great friends. It was just that first meeting. It was like she acted like she knew me for ages and something that you would say at a backyard party. So I was very taken aback by it but I got over it.”

Mary Wilson is competing on the current season of Dancing with the Stars.


Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

I"m not surprised, those inbred white trash colonizers, have no class, see Andrew and his scandal of pedophilia. I don't know why folks think these "royal folks" are somehow any different from the average ratchet, uncouth, uneducated asshat out here, one study of their wretched history on this planet should tell you the fuckery, that goes down behind those castle walls. Only difference is their money, titles and whoever protects them.

Don balee me juh watch said...

I’m sure they were never “great friends “ and what’s ghetto about a white woman in the 60s asking a Black woman is she wearing a wig? She really WAS wearing a wig lol.

iketernr said...

B L A M!!!!! 😄

Anonymous said...

I believe Mary, the so called royal family are a bunch degenerate lowlifes. They have folks brainwashed into believing they are some how better than the average person out here. I was never fooled by their holier than thou bullshit.

kupkake said...

It's the new rascim. Beautyism. They colonized us and now we cant wear wigs and makeup. We wont be the children that we came over here to be.

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