Monday, September 09, 2019

A$AP Rocky's Swedish Lawyer Ambushed and Shot

The lawyer who defended Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky during his Stockholm assault trial has been seriously injured after an ambush shooting...
According to reports the assailant was waiting for Henrik Olssen Lilja outside his apartment then jumped into an SUV and sped off after shooting him in the head and chest.

A senior female lawyer who had previously been banned from speaking to him has been arrested for orchestrating the hit and charged with attempted murder.

Herik Lilja had been replaced by Slobodan Jovicic early in A$AP's case.


Anonymous said...

Swedish folks wildin out like niggas...ha!!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

@ 6:50

Exactly! Oh how things have changed. For years Sweden was seen as some safe, neutral place where rich people stash their money.

anonymous said...

^^We're giving Sweden too much credit...the Swiss house majority of the offshored riches. Nonetheless, they're all Vikings by origin (barbaric seeds).

Anonymous said...

Rocky and them damned teeth! Why is his mouth always open?

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