Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Antonio Brown Accused of Rape

New England Patriots Antonio Brown accused of raping his former trainer...

Newly signed New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown is being sued by his former trainer, Brittney Taylor, who is accusing him of raping her three times between June 2017 and May 2018.

According to her lawsuit Antonio first exposed himself and kissed her without consent, then on another occasion masturbated near her without her knowledge, ejaculated on her back and then bragged about it in a series of messages and finally she claims one time after the club they went back to his place to use the bathroom and get something to eat when he pushed her down and forcibly raped her.

Brown insists any sexual contact between them was consensual and claims this is part of an extortion attempt after he turned down her request for $1.6 million to start a business.

The accuser is seeking $75,000 in damages for “all non-monetary and compensatory harm, including, but not limited to, compensation for her physical injuries, pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, stress and anxiety, loss of self- esteem and self-confidence, and emotional pain and suffering.”

Brown and Taylor met in college at a Central Michigan University bible study class while both were student athletes.

Brittney included the following exchange in her lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

seems like if someone sexually assaulted you once, you'd get away from them and they'd never have the opportunity to do it two more times

Rainy Dayz said...

Three times?
Nutted on her back?
So they stopped fucking and now shes angry. The hoe chronicles never end.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I don't know if he raped her but I do know he's an arrogant douchebag.

Anonymous said...

Whether this is true or not the timing of this lawsuit is incredibly suspicious.

If he did anything of the sort, he is a big dummy and should have expected this. A Black man who flaunts his power to the degree he has over the last few days would have many new found enemies. This is par for the course. Hope he survives.

Anonymous said...





I AM proud feminist AND I CALL BULL.....SHIT!!!

AB Is an ASS but I don't believe this bitch. He needs to countersue!!

Anonymous said...

Acquaintance rape is real. I'll just leave that there.

Anonymous said...

@ the second 9:34

True. But for her to continue going back it was something there she liked, wanted more of, or was plotting the whole time. Makes no sense at all.

Tia said...

Since some of you all already said it, I am pigging backing. How do you get attacked multiple times??That behooves me??? Not victim shaming. It is possible tho, I know we have babies/small children that are enduring a monster ass adult everyday. However, as adults how so? How does it become multiple times? Forgive me for being ignorant and I Do not mean to victim sham at all. Just saying tho?

Then too, maybe she have her reasons for the delay in telling us the information at this point.

Anonymous said...

10:38 Those are fair and reasonable questions to ask. That's not "victim shaming" at all. Anybody with a brain should be willing to ask questions like that in these situations, instead of always assuming that the man is guilty.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...
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Anonymous said...

I read the statements and about this girl and she is 100% credible.
At first I thought the same thing, I was suspicious about the timing, but there was an investigation first. She has taken a polygraph test and passed. No word on why Antonio hasn't.

Firstly, she is an accomplished gymnast and has known him since college. They met in a Christian Athletes group.
She wasn't "attacked" three times. The first assault was when he walked into a room with his dick out and tried to kiss her purposefully. (He was probably drunk). He apologized profusely for it after, and she continued a working relationship with him.
The second time, she was sitting on a couch and he walked up behind her and ejaculated on her back. She expressed disgust and he apologized and tried to laugh and joke it off. She told his chef about it (she thought they were close), word got back to Antonio Brown and he fired her. There is a full email that he sent her in a rage where he admits to jacking off on her back.
A while later, he reaches out to her again, apologizes again, and tries to start a friendship again. He eventually asks her to train him again. She agrees with stipulations.
The actual rape happened after she went out clubbing with him and another player she was training. After the clubs, they all stopped by his house, and while she was in a room changing he walked in and assaulted her (probably extremely drunk again).

This is actually a young lady with a very stellar reputation, very accomplished, christian (she reached out to her church for counselling, guidance and consolation before proceeding to a lawyer) and she has a degree from Louisiana State University in sports administration and business management. She was a long time friend of Antonio Brown.
After the rape she was fearful of pregnancy (she was in a long term relationship and is engaged now) and STDs.
These sort of actions are not uncommon from people from all walks of life, and most niggas just get away with it. Ladies we all have that fried that gets inappropriate at time and we let it go because he was or he didn't mean any harm or blah blah blah.
This happened to be with a fool with money and she is deciding to do something about it DESPITE all of the imminent judgment and victim shaming. She's not even hiding her face.
This girl is brave, and I'm praying for her.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

I don't know who this ignorant fool is, this "woman" is lying it should be a crime to lie on men, about rape, when yo ass clearly was not raped, all these incidents happened but yet and still, you still went back around him, and now you are coming forward with allegations of rape. Sounds like extortion to me and she should be jailed for lying about being raped. I will never cosign any women lying on a men about being raped. They are both disgusting creatures.

Anonymous said...

This shit needs to stop, it starts as early as junior high school, and grown ass BYATCHES that jump to believe the man should have they rotten pussies roasted as well.
We are conditioning our young girls to suffer in silence always.
Just because he doesn't have a documented history of offences doesn't mean it didn't happen to her.

This is EXACTLY why little girls are getting sexually assaulted by their peers as young as 8, continues all though j.h, into highschool and adult life (from MULTIPLE people) then people wanna say, "oh why they didn't say something about it"?
^^^^^^^THIS WHY!!!!!!!!

ms mac said...

If I meet you in Bible study and then go to work for you, your dick has no business near my back unless we're dating and it's during sex. So if this was a complete surprise, I wonder why she continued to deal with him after being so humiliated, even going so far as hanging out at the club together and going back to his place? A surprise ejaculation wasn't enough for her?

Rape of ANY kind is a serious matter, ESPECIALLY if you suffer any type of physical injury. But clearly, instead of criminal charges, she feels like $75k is enough to assuage that pain. Then people wonder why their accusations aren't taken seriously.

I also want to know if she's going to release all the text messages so we can see their entire exchange. We know he's an arrogant asshole but what about her?

ms mac said...

What they SHOULD be teaching these young women very early on is that when a boy, man or any person for that matter violates you, you move the fuck on! We can't be friends anymore, you're not forgiven and no, that shit was not funny.

And if you actually RAPE me, I'm reporting it (not to a friend) but to the police or someone else in a position of authority. This is what we should be instilling in these young girls instead of teaching them "boys will be boys" or "it's not that serious."

I also don't understand why someone with supposed strong Christian values would constantly deviate so far from their basic moral principles. I'm sure the concept of turn the other cheek is not what the Bible meant.

As far as victim shaming, when people ask legitimate questions as to why someone didn't use better judgment there's nothing wrong with that. It's called thinking critically and being rational.

Anonymous said...

You all should thank #METOO and that half ass thrown together Surviving RKelly fiasco. We are in the age where people are going all the way back to the womb to accuse your ass. You all better watch yourselves out there!

Anonymous said...

@12:48 idc what you say I don't think man raped you. You can type your essay and spruce up your bio all you want but I'm not buying it. I smell fish

Anonymous said...

@1:37 You've obviously never been in a position to be responsible for your own food, board, and transportation.

They need to instill in these boys that every woman is for their own sexual gratification on their every whim, not blaming the victim and telling him or to find another way to work, cope, and pay her fucking bills.

And since you CLEARLY never heard of date rape, friend rape, or acquaintance rape, sit there on your high horse and shut the fuck up.

You, your fucked up mentality and others that think like you is the reason rape is RARELY reported, arrests are hardly made and conviction rates are LESS than three percent.

You and your glib and pious attitude are NOT part of the solution, so why don't you just remain commentless.

Anonymous said...

@2:15 This happened last year

Anonymous said...

@ 2:56 Then douche, and change your panties more often than once a week.

Anonymous said...

2 fools who seemingly learned nothing in Bible study

Unknown said...

No, bitchz lying happens to be why all this shit is handled ass backwards. This chick is one of them!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@3:05 looks like I got a bitch mad lol. Girl bye

Anonymous said...

@6:14 are you 2:56?
Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You think what you think and that's fine. But take the advice and move on.

Anonymous said...

@7:25 Yes and i stated mine. Keep up with the discussion boo boo

ms mac said...

@ 2:59, you have no idea what position I've been in or what I've been through in life so kindly shut the fuck up on that part, oK. Thanks.

I have nothing to do with why rape isn't reported. If someone is raped and chooses not to report it right away, what does that have to do with me? That's their choice and you sound stupid making that statement.

I don't support men violating women but don't get pissed if someone questions why a woman who felt too uncomfortable to report her rape to the authorities wasn't too uncomfortable asking her alleged rapist for $75k. She made that decision so she should be be prepared for people to question her motives and integrity. What's so hard for you to understand about that?

And yes, boys need to be taught how not to mistreat girls, just like girls need to be taught how not to accept mistreatment from boys. See how that works?

Seems like you're projecting some sort of trauma you've experienced personally. You also seem to think nobody should question a woman who cries rape. Newsflash: People have a right to question whatever they want. Get out your feelings and grow up sis.

Tippie Hippie said...

Why go into his home alone if he has already assaulted you twice previously?

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