Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beyonce's Team Reacts to Emmy Snub

Over the weekend Beyonce's Homecoming documentary on Netflix was shut out at the Emmy Awards after receiving 6 nominations.

Beyoncé's team is NOT very happy...

In a post on Instagram following the awards show Beyoncé's publicist Yvette Noel-Schure, manager Steve Pamon and other staffers throw up the middle finger with the caption, "#creativeartsemmys weekend done! #feelings


Anonymous said...

Welp time to put dem kids back in the box til the next remake. This ice bitch got no shame the way she uses them, they not that damn cute. Good job Tina on the pics of how naturally long her hair is. Her and her family simply need to fuck off and enjoy the money and shit they stole from people.

Anonymous said...

she don't do shit from the heart. she does shit to try to win a fucking award. don't nobody like no thirst bucket. just be an artist and let the award chips fall where they may but noooOOOO yall done blew that old lady head up so much she thinks she's entitled to the EGOT

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

So classy.
They acting like Bey is entitled to an award. They couldn't buy that one.
Oh well....the sky is still blue, water is still wet and the Earth is still spinning.

Anonymous said...

Who TF asked for a Beyonce documentary?? That was a fucking home movie, keep that same energy and keep that shit in the house! GTFOHWTBS

Gg57 said...

LOL They aint seen nothin yet.....They gon be really pissed when she doesnt win that Oscar for the Lion King soundtrack

Anonymous said...

She need Matt back on her team to buy them awards. SMH.

Anonymous said...

OH, Grow Up. I guess they didn't have enough swag (and money) to offer the committee. We all know these award shows are rigged.

If you really want to see what college life is look at any documentary on The Boule formed in 1904. KNOW YOUR HISTORY.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people confuse the heck out of me. They complain that a group/entity does not acknowledge them in certain areas of recognition. SO WHY CARE.

If you make a GREAT movie and the PEOPLE know it's a GREAT movie, why do you need an award...ESPECIALLY from a group THAT HAS NO POWER or don't care about you.

PS. Not talking about any of Beyonce's crappy documentaries or BTS PR Stunts.

Anonymous said...

This is not a good look - how old are there? Yes, they represent Beyonce.

Anonymous said...

^^^ they, not there

ms mac said...

Oh well. Time to start planning the next attention whoring stunt. Blue's getting old, the babies have been seen and her Rapunzel length hair has been revealed. All that's left is a naked photo shoot on the cover of Fortune magazine or she tries to break the Internet Kardashian style.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess Jay Z is going to that PR stunt for Kaep again; in an attempt to get him his job back. The carter bus goes back and forth for urgent relevancy.

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Who cares about some idiot award, by now everyone knows all award shows are rigged, how many untalented people won awards? too many to name. You do your "art" for the love of doing it and for the fans, if you are doing it simply to win awards that shit is meaningless. I guess them Oshun and black bird rituals ain't working no more. I guess ole matty or the side baby is line to be sacrificed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well fuck them, too. Beyonce is as big of a sore loser as Kanye. I'll be glad when the era of Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj comes to a complete end. We've suffered those three for too damn long. Bring back the kind of black female talent we had in the 70s through 90s!

Anonymous said...

Shows how much a sore loser she really is! I'll never forget her taking Ledici's spot performing at the Grammy's!! Beyonce is a Bona Fide Bitch!

Tia said...

This is what you call entitlement right here. She can't win and dominate everything. For many years, Bey and RiRi dominated when they shouldn't have (many more talented folks). We're in a new day now.

Anything TV or movie related that Bey does is done with a motive. She's trying hard to get Emmy winner, Oscar winner status.. stick to singing Bey.

Remember when Dream Girls was out and both her parents were together back then. They tried to fuck Jennifer Hudson out of awards and push Bey to the forefront.

But like her or not, Jennifer Hudson has won the following awards and does not have to do anything else (Jen really could flip to the gospel arena):

• Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
• Golden Globe
• People's Choice
• Teen Choice
• Grammy
• Oscar

and probably others that I couldn't remember. It's okay to be competitive, but I think Bey thinks she suppose to win everything and it ain't happening ma'am. Just go away and raise those babies and let us miss you.

Anonymous said...

This would never happen to.....

Anonymous said...

7:47 AM
WTF are you talking about?? WHO didn't have enough money, Beyonce????? You can't be serious.

Anonymous said...

@2:12 ...Ledisi. HA!

Anonymous said...

@ 3:06
WTF are YOU talking about??
B is broker than a faggots hand!
Since when a drugged up alcoholic bottom bish keeps her money??

Big lip Pimp is the money hog!
If B n J were so broke why be so pressed to sell this fraudulent doc to netflix?
If J/B were so broke why sell that BS behind the scenes to ABC??
Live Nation is J's PIMP and will turn him into strange fruit if J doesn't pay up that money he signed he soul away for!!

Bey is not only broke she is a battered wife filled with S H I T from all those opioids/coke/liquor who can't give birth!!
Please is broad is DONE!!! Come this what kind of creature keeps a wave/wig on for 25 years straight??

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

Btw the sister standing to the far right next to the yt woman, is obviously the surrogate of those 3 children, her team did a better job pulling off that fake pregnancy with the twins, that belly was looking like claymation anyway.

Anonymous said...

#1. This wack doc had footage from 2016, follow me on this...
Bey get into contract with a Vegan Diet Company in 2015, see commercial and article below:

In 2016 she comes out with Ivy Park see mag cover and article below:

Now my question is WHY in world would she have footage from 2016 in this Homecoming doc in 2018.
And as the doc progresses Bey is getting fatter and fatter! Yet she fronting like she is on a vegan diet???

By the time Bey hit the stage at Coachella she was bigger than a whale!
Bey still has contractual obligations to the Vegan Diet Co along with other LiveNation contracts so that is why she had to put that whole "losing weight on vegan diet" LIES to keep her end of the contract.

So yes, why would Homecoming get an award to a pack of VISUAL LIES!!!

Anonymous said...

So... this will totally NOT take Beyonce's career OUT OF THE DUMPSTER?!?!?!?!?


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