Friday, September 06, 2019

Brian McKnight's Kids Respond

Last month R&B singer Brian McKinght's adult children tried to put him on blast for abandoning them for his new wife and her son, only for Brian to turn around and expose his kids for being spoiled, entitled and lazy [click here if you missed that].

Brian's kids clap back.... taking the high road a vowing to be there for each other regardless of absentee parents.


Unknown said...

Not once in that comment did I hear tbe goals set, achieved, nada. Just a bunch of jibberish and mention of kids produced. This younger generation feels entitled, without having to put in any work. Our forefathers would be greatly disappointed.Stay Blessed people and do better..

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the kids feel entitled to are adults now, do some chit for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Both look like forever the ultimate dusty Hoetep! They probably worship Dr. Sebi, think Nipsey is the Messiah, sell Hotep Astrology books, and post videos on alkaline foods.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess? He wanted daddy to fund his music career instead of putting in any real work? Boy bye. You grew up with a head start because of who your father is and still managed to squander the opportunity.

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