Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Chrissy Teigen on the Way Out at Bring the Funny?

Insiders claim NBC execs regret hiring John Legend's wife, Chrissy Tegien, to judge the comedy competition show 'Bring the Funny..."
Insiders tell AJ Benza,
"There were objections in the room right away. Why are we hiring a former supermodel to judge a comedy competition?’ But…the decision was made anyway. And now there are regrets.”


Anonymous said...

good!...the only thing funny about her is her face (wanh wanh)

Anonymous said...

Wait...she was a super model? In what world?

Anonymous said...

9:50 AM ^^^^THIS!^^^^^

I'ont know why people think "mixed" folks are cute....especially if they are mixed with asian sir! I'll take 100% black All Day Er'Day!!

Anonymous said...

Well hell...I guess the alphabet soup brigade done got to everyone...the whole "super model" phenomenon is a thing of the past...but just to know that CT was a model???!!! I'm serious...I guess I'm just old and out of touch. SMH...this is 9:50 sheeeit... I'm trying to figure out my attraction to this blog.... aren't blogs played out too?

Anonymous said...

RWS used to be popping back in circa '07,08,09....HUNDREDS OF COMMENTS!!!!

Anonymous said...

@10:18 you can go there and enjoy if that's where you wanna be.
This is here and now. Don't like the count, you better get to making some posts.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I gave up on the show after a few episodes. The show is far from funny. They should have brought back Last Comic Standing.
Hollywierd keeps trying to make Tiegen a star.
She is just too annoying.

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't get the attention she wants she's going to resort to showing her coochie again.

Anonymous said...

10:34 the comments AND the responses to comments were much much better...I can't go back...but I CAN move forward...time to go....TaTa.

Anonymous said...

The actual posts too...smh

Anonymous said...

Her bobble head ass has tried everything to make a name for herself and failed. Instead of taking opportunities from people who rightly deserve them, how about spending some downtime exploring who you are and what your true talents are.

Another note: when the public really doesn't like you, then you should probably not be in entertainment and especially not on television.

Anonymous said...

Oh not the 'accidental' 'oops' Chrissy's cooch again, Only thing she likes to flash more is that long face daughter of hers. John gotta be a pretty laid back dude to deal with her and the drunken bullshit all day.

ms mac said...

I gotta give her props for being an untalented nobody who used her man's name and fame to promote herself as an untalented somebody. She really deserves the Ultimate Come-Up Opportunist Lifetime Achievement Award.

Anonymous said...

She shall get that award in the form of a gold seat to sit the fuck down somewhere with some draws on. She does actually seem to be a good cook.

lady said...

I don't like her dumplin face azz nor her dufus in the face... sawed off husband.

Anon said...

@11:24 LMAO!! She got a coochie? I thought she had a bu....Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

10:18am and12:01pm
I was here back in those days and everything you wrote is the truth. Now coming here is like walking through a graveyard. I see the buzzards, and vultures circling around just waiting for RWS to finally die.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's cozy on RWS. If one wants random storms then go SR. But I'm good here. Back in the day is then, we're here now.

Anonymous said...

If you want cozy buy a teddy bear and a bottle of mad dog.

ms mac said...

Me actually likes RWS. For me it's like a fun adult version of high school featuring:

The Bullies who always start fights and pick on every and anybody for no damn good reason

The Enlightened Ones who spit some real knowledge every know and again

The Nerds who bring the facts and only the facts

The (wannabe or actual) Cool Kids who rarely take sides or start trouble, and always keeps it neutral. They don't want no problems

The Mean Girls who only post when it's an opportunity to brag about their so-called fabulous life that's supposedly better than everyone else's

Angry Annie or Evil Eddie who hates everybody because their life sucks

The Outcasts who folks hate just because they're different or weird

The Preachers Kid who stays citing Bible verses on a gossip blog

The Rebels whose unpopular and controversial opinions often spark the longest and most hotly debated arguments

The Delinquent Misfits who show up every once in a while, stir up some shit and rolls back out

The Dingbats who says stuff which makes no sense to anybody else but them and adds nothing of value to the conversation

The Class Clowns who comes just for the laughs or has a joke for every post

And the Teacher's Pet who loves to report back to Snitch.

Y'all know who you are!!! ;)

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