Monday, September 02, 2019

Damon Dash and Choke No Joke Bicker Over Paris Robbery Tale

Back in 2002 Damon Dash was famously jumped in Paris by a gang of men upset he was filming in their neighborhood [click here if you missed that].

Dame and his cameraman, Choke No Joke, tell wildly different versions of what happened....
In dueling videos posted online over the weekend Dame claims Choke ran off and left him, while Choke steadfastly denies it.

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Look I’m sick and tired of people hitting me up about this edited video of me in Paris with Dame and his lying ass friends trying to make me look bad by editing this video. First of all why don’t y’all see the major cut in the video when I’m explaining what happened? 2. This is exactly what the Central Park 5 went through. People trying to convince you of saying something that didn’t happen. I know exactly what happened and my story has never changed to this day. Go look at every time Dame told the story from the Beef DVD in 2013 and every other year he told it afterwards. He never mentioned anyone of his coward friends helping him yet kicking the guy or jumping in prior to me going in the store to put my camera in the bag to assist him because none of his friends were helping him. He had 4 friends there outside me and Johnny working. Why didn’t they jump the guy? Why was Dame fighting him alone? Only Johnny helped him when I wasn’t there according to Dame. Listen to Johnny Nunez on Drink Champs tell the story. See what he says. I’m tired of explaining this story over and over. What any of you call me not remembering what happened is me being confused why Claude was trying to change the story. I was new at Rocafella when this happened so I wasn’t going to argue with them. He tried to make me make an involuntary statement of which didn’t happen and that’s what you see along with Damon jokes and some nice editing. I have no reason to lie and don’t give a fuck either way. I was hired to film not be a bodyguard. This shit is like Groundhog Day every 2 years I have to explain this. If you want to believe I ran on Dame fine. I know I didn’t run. Where was I running to my first time in Paris with no money in my pocket? Dumbasses!! I had it under control until Dame wanted to test his boxing skills. 😂 I’m no coward for 1. 2. Dame @duskopoppington I will fight you anywhere any day! Gloves or bare hands. You keep saying I ran but Jay-Z took Rocafella and Rocawear from you and you didn’t do jack shit tough guy. Eat my Planters with this 16 year old event Dame Dummy. #chokenojoke #legendaryvideographer #damedash #paris #bronx
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Anonymous said...

Choke a whole snake ass nigga. Fuck choke with a sick dick.

High Snob said...

Choke def a chatty making his whole rep telling other peoples business.

Anonymous said...

Dame is lame. Choke was never his security, and they weren't friends he was working. Loud mouf Dame kicked some shit off then got mad when he had to knuckle up by himself. I don't blame Choke. At all. Dame Dash has never looked out for anyone but himself. Now he's whining all over social media because Choke didn't help him. GSYADS

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