Friday, September 27, 2019

Did Nicole Murphy Orchestrate Kissing Scandal?

This week Nicole Murphy revived her recent cheating scandal after appearing on the Wendy Williams show to clear the air regarding her kiss with married film director Antoine Fuqua [click here if you missed that].

Did Nicole set the whole thing up..?

From B. Scott
Sources tell that Antoine fully believes he was “set-up” by Nicole in Italy and that she called the paparazzi to take pictures of them.


They Call Me Cocoa said...

Who intentionally wants to look like a trap thirsty bitch?

Anonymous said...

Yeah and I intentionally believe Antoine saying this to save his marriage and career. What career ain't nobody hiring his bitch ass. How is this a set up when your horny aggressive ass all up on this greesy ass forehead man looking bitch. This what cheaters do. Get caught then blame the woman.

Oh. We also know this bitch nicole set this up. Fuck both these clowns.

Anonymous said...

Changing subject because I'm sick of E.T.

Did anyone check out TMZ on how a Hollywood costume designer goes of on black people calling us niggas and she would kill a nigga but the law won't allow it? THIS IS WHAT HOLLYWOOD AND WHITE PEOPLE REALLY THINK OF US. THIS BITCH JUST HAD THE BALLS TO SAY IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

I'm mad at Eddie for bringing this heffa to our attention. I was watching Alien Covenant last night and I've decided this bish needs to go rejoin her species.

Anonymous said...

This woman looks like a medieval demon; the ones you see in those old, ancient paintings of Hell and scenes from the bible.

Anonymous said...

@4:44 lol that's a good one. She really is not aging well. She looks a mess in the face. Old and wrinkled.

Anonymous said...

Hoesha sure did. She is the type that just need to show up and walk because once she start talking the hoochie in her show right the fuck up. All this bitch needed to do on Wendy was start patting her pussy like Evelyn LMAO. Shit didnt work for Evelyn and shit didnt turn out too good for Nick Nick either. Just go home and be a glam ma there are plenty old dirty white men up in the Beverly Hills that she could jerk off and maintain her whole life style without publicly embarrassing herself or her children.

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