Friday, September 13, 2019

Kevin Hart Family and Friends Covering Up the Truth?

Over this past few weeks Kevin Hart's wife Eniko and frequent co-stars, The Rock and Tiffany Haddish, have all issued statements insisting Kevin was doing better than expected, despite fracturing his spine in three places in a car accident on Mulholland Highway in the Malibu Hills [click here here and here if you missed that].

Is Kevin trying to hide something...?

Sources tells Us Weekly,
"Kevin wants his inner circle to downplay the seriousness of his injuries because he has so many project commitments."
“It’s going to take him many months to recover. It’s going to be extremely long and grueling [road to recovery]. Everyone is focused on his recovery.”


Anonymous said...

Kevin is a fraud and this situation is bringing that fact to the forefront. Karma is a bitch especially when you think you are holier than thou.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Luther had his stroke and it was described as "minor"?

NiyabinghiWerewolfObeahWoman said...

This whole crash story makes no sense, so many holes and I don't trust them hoes over at TMZ. Hollyweird is a world unto itself, I saw that when Randy Quaid and his wife was accused of squatting in their own house and they were saying star wackers were after them, I peeped on of those hollyweirdo sheriff's being interviewed and it was very eye opening.

Kevin is obviously either being protected as he's the pet negro of the moment. This whole thing does not make sense from how the body guard took him away from the scene, then now he's allegedly going to rehab after having "spinal surgery, and that first interview with is wife, she had no fucks to give on his "accident" even now she can barely muster any type of fucks to give. Was this nigga high and drunk and ran the car off the road, also for such an horrific crash, the other two people supposedly walked away unscathed and you hear nothing about them or their condition, and for lil ass Kevin to walk away or carried away in his bodyguard arms to the safety of his home, before being taken in the hospital for this "spine surgery", was this nigga having a Teddy Pendergrass do up? what is also weird no major news outlet is really reporting on this, it's like some inhouse shit with tmz and blogs hmmm.

ms mac said...

It must be too early for me because I swear I read: 'despite fracturing his penis in three places ...' What in the dyslexic hell?

Anyway, this is definitely a cover-up. The media only seems to be focused on him but the other guy he and his bodyguards left behind to rot was airlifted to a hospital. Not one peep about his condition has been revealed. Is he in rehab? What's his status? Inquiring minds want to know!

I guess it's time to collect that check on Kevin's ass. He went from pure obscurity to the biggest comedian in Hollywood seemingly overnight. Yet he continues to f-it up with one screw up after another. These puppet masters don't play that shit. Their want a return on their investment and he's f-ing that up. They may give one or two passes but this dude done got busted cheating, git a DUI and now gets into a major car accident when he's obligated to the Man for like 3 more movies. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I think he's toast.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood ain't gone hire you if you hurt or sick. See how they did val kilmer and he white! Kevin is seriously injured and needs a few years off to recover. What's wrong with that oh yeah Hollywood might replace him with another coon eddie Murphy like they already doing now.

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

When I was in grad school on Long Island, Kevin Hart performed at my college right before he blew up in Hollywood. I only knew him from Soul Plane at that point. The audience was mostly white college kids but he killed it. I wish him a sppeedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are , they were just stupid in executing the crime. Yes, it is a crime. These celebs really believe "other" people are stupid - money does funny things to the mind.

Anonymous said...


@Kevin Hart,

Why Did You Leave The Scene (+ Abandon Your Friends) Of Such A Horrific Car Accident That Was Allegedly Caused By The Negligence Of You OR Someone In Your Inner Circle?

The World Wants To Know......How Could You Be So Callous & Unsympathetic, Huh?

Whhhyyyy.....CHOCOLATE DROP.....WHY????


Anonymous said...

Kevin was driving, they are covering that up because he has a few projects coming up and he needs to be insurable. They otherbguy was REALLY hurts and they're saying its Kevin who has the spine injuries but his body guards moved the passenger and put him in the driver's seat. Took Kevin HOME and left the other two in the car...They didn't call for help they got Kevin out of the area.

Tippie Hippie said...

He's been a liar. For some reason Kevin thought he was immune to Hollyweird and all their disasters. No sir all those projects are about to become someone else's.

Anonymous said...

If Kevin comes back after 4 months, that would be a miracle. I truly believe that he was the driver, and he was stupidly removed from the car and taken home with a bone sticking out of his back. That is just gruesome, but they had to get the scene right. The other guy that was in the car has spinal injuries also, similar to Kevin's. He was moved from the passenger seat to the driver's seat in that kind of condition. All this moving around of already severely injuried individual probably did more damaged. And the side chick, I mean friend, didn't even go to the hospital. Lord knows what happened to her. I read that Kevin, and his wife are swingers, and this accident happened after some kind of hookup. I believe Kevin was taking them home. There's alot being covered up because Kevin has alot of jobs lined up and he doesn't want to lose them. I really don't believe he'll be right after 4 months, but if they want to run with that it's all good. I do hope that he gets all the help he needs, but it's going to take years to get come back from this. And, somebody needs to teach his wife how to act like she cares.

Anonymous said...

They're telling you nosy MFs to mind your damn business.

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